Montesinos 2020 Patron Festivities

Los Montesinos Mayor Jose Butron (fourth left) with members of Ayuntamiento de Los Montesinos.

  •  ‘A concise programme has been adapted, due to COVID-19 health circumstances’ – Mayor Jose Butron

By Andrew Atkinson

The 2020 cancellation of the annual October Patron Saint Los Montesinos festivities, due to the coronavirus situation, has lead to the Department of Festivities publishing a book in memory of the 2019 festival, along with activities in the town during the year.

Amid COVID-19 personalised masks have been made, with the message Viva Los Montesinos. Both the books and the masks are available at the Town Hall, during 9am- 2pm and at the School of Music and Culture, during 5-8 p.m., at €3 a pack of both.

“Through the publication you will be informed of the specific activities carried out during these days and audiovisual material will be disseminated, to commemorate our great days.

“This year we celebrate our holidays, by remembering and sharing through the networks, with the hope that the pandemic passes soon and we can meet again to celebrate all together.

“We will be back in 2021.

Long live Los Montesinos! Long live the Pilarica!,” said a spokesperson from the Ayunmiento de Los Montesinos.

Los Montesinos will host a scaled down 2020 October Fiesta annual celebration with full details on the town Hall website.

The Agrupacion Musical Montesinos was held in the Town Hall square on October 2, under the coronavirus health and safety guidelines (pictured below).

The Department of Festivities announced the programming of acts of the Patron Saint Festivities in honour of the Virgen del Pilar, will take place during October 3-12.

“A concise programme has been adapted due to the health circumstances that we live  during this year.  All subject to the situation of the moment and exposed to the changes that were opportune to prioritise safety,” Mayor Jose Butron told The Leader.

“We invite you to decorate the window or balcony of your home and lean into them to enjoy the parades of the Montesinos Musical Group and contemplate the fireworks display on October 12.

“Also to follow our social networks regularly and let’s share a few days of memories and emotions together. Let’s live our parties in a different way.

“In this exceptional year, let’s enjoy safe parties, and always complying with the sanitary measures against Covid-19, with the wearing of a mask, safety distance and frequent hand hygiene,” said Mayor Butron.

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