The world of online dating can be full of interesting acquaintances, exciting encounters, and fleeting romances. But if you’re new to online dating, you may be ill at ease when making your first steps towards finding the ideal match.

It can be difficult to figure out how to effectively start looking for a suitable person online and, most importantly, how to hook their attention. How to start an online dating conversation effectively? How not to scare off a potential match with insipid, boring, and trite conversation starters? Let’s find out right now.

Be Original and Witty

No one likes boring conversation starters, especially those who seek love online. According to some of the best dating websites on the web, dating sites are teeming with users craving to land a partner of their dream, and starting a good conversation is one of the most effective ways to stand out from the crowd and find the right person.

So, it’s up to you to show the person you’re interested in how smart, witty, and bright you are in the very first line you decide to drop.

Read carefully through your potential match’s profile and pick one detail you can use to have fun of them. Tell them that you’re madly in love with that ‘stylish’ yellow sombrero they wore at some festival.

You can also ask the guy what was wrong with that shirt he decided to take off at the block party or that you find his photo showing his naked torso very fresh and original. That being said, you should always remember not to cross the line and remain friendly. Take care that your comments are not construed as incisive or unceremonious.

If you manage to start a dialogue by making fun of another online dater in a friendly and light-hearted way, chances are you’ll come across as a witty and fun-loving person worth giving a shot.

Be Attentive

The ability to notice details and turning them to your advantage is a valuable skill that can do you much good during your online love hunting quest. It’s not a secret that some online daters don’t seek long-lasting relationships. They flirt and establish communication with numerous users.

So, it’s the quantity not quality that matters for them. You may also find yourself bombarded with ‘hellos’ from strangers you might not even be interested in. And you know that just saying ‘hello,’ ‘sups’ or merely noting that you liked someone’s profile isn’t the best way to start a conversation conducive to further meaningful communication.

As we’ve noted earlier, you need to pay attention to details and make use of them. If a person whose profile appeals to you happens to have a pet named Sam, you may note that you also had a dog named Sam when you were a kid in your first message.

Such a seemingly trivial comment may push your potential match’s buttons and thus help you set yourself apart from others.

Take Action

Should you discover that one and the same person hearts you multiple times or shows you any other signs of affection, you may want to take action (provided your feelings are mutual.) You can go with the straightforward message like ‘So, where are we meeting Friday night? or ‘Where should we get a drink?’

Why waste time on conversations when you can take the initiative and ask the person you like (and who obviously likes you) out. After all, online dating is all about ‘dating’ not chatting or finding a pen pal.

Try Role-Playing

To be creative and fun, try some role-playing if you want the person you like to message you back as soon as possible. Take on the role of a courageous knight willing to save his fair lady from boredom and sadness or turn into a princess calling out to a handsome prince: ‘My hero, come and save me from loneliness!’ or something like that.

Though it may seem somewhat old-fashioned and naïve, such conversations starters are doomed to successful continuation. As your communication progresses and you get to know each other better, you may get a little dirty if you want to.

Hopefully, our recommendations will help you find the love of your life or at least someone you can have fun with.