Mojácar Council approved the update of rules for their Local Civil Protection Volunteers Association in a recent extraordinary plenary meeting, bringing them in line with the General Regulations for the Autonomous Community of Andalucía.

The changes will bring uniformity to the scope of their functions and their corporate image, as well as to the general criteria laid out for equipment and training.

Mojácar’s Civil Protection members, as those in other towns, dedicate their time to the welfare of others, functioning as a team. These groups of voluntary citizens perform protective tasks, collaborating with others to carry out functions involving risk prevention, assistance, and rehabilitation.

Participation for members is free of charge and, any adult with the ability to carry out the required duties can join on applying to Mojácar Council and passing the basic training course. The training focuses on the highest efficiency levels, safety, and risk avoidance, followed by an ongoing series of compulsory training.

The full approval of these new Regulations overrules the previous ones, published in the July 2016 Almería Official Provincial Report, which the Andalucían municipalities, including Mojácar, have been working to until now.


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