Best Lottery from Spain

If you are wondering, what is the Spanish word for lottery, and how does Spanish lottery work? Well, the answer to the first question is lotería, while the answer to the second one, is a bit more complicated. You have to be specific, and ask which one, as there are a few (El Gordo, EuroMillones, Loteria Nacional, Primitiva, Bonoloto).

Probably the most famous of them all, the one most have heard of, is the Spanish Christmas lottery. An exclusive draw of the Lotería Nacional, the weekly national raffle.

Lotería Nacional is the second longest-running competition of its sort in the world. Its first draw happened in March of 1812 and draws went on even during the Spanish Civil War. The first Christmas one occurred in December of 1812 in Cádiz.

History lesson aside, Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado is a state-own company that regulates all the lotteries in the country, and it runs Lotería Nacional. Still, many prefer to play El Gordo, due to its humongous prize fund of over €2 billion.

However, most claim that Bonoloto undoubtedly has the best odds of winning. Due to its smaller jackpot prize, and its six draws per week, the odds of winning the jackpot are unbeatable when compared to competitors.

How to Play Spanish Lotteries

If you are not a Spanish citizen and have doubts if you are eligible to win a prize, can you play the Spanish lottery, and should you even buy a ticket? Perhaps you should look into online lotteries anyone can play. If you are dead-set on playing one of the listed ones, then know that all foreigners and non-residents can take part in them. Hence, you are in the clear.

Since January of 2013, anyone with a Wi-Fi connection can play, and all winnings are taxable, whether or not they live in the country.

Can ex-pats from the UK play Spanish lotteries? Yes, they can. The way you can play has evolved over the years, and you are no longer limited to entering games staged in your country of residence.

How to play depends on which one you have selected. You can usually buy tickets at official outlets, or online. For most of these, you have to either pick six out of forty-nine numbers or allow a computer to select them for you. To participate in an El Gordo draw, you have to choose five numbers from a range of fifty-four, while the Lotería Nacional is a raffle-type draw.

Each competition has slightly different rules, and the draws take place on different days, with unique prizes. However, they all feature a Reintegro or a refund number. If you land this number, you will receive a refund that is equivalent to the cost of your ticket.

Buy Tickets and Play Online

Today, many, state, provincial, and country lotteries are available online. You can purchase entry slips easily, in real-time, at third-party sites, or those operated by a local gaming authority. Keep in mind that each country is likely to have its regulations, which means that the rules, banking methods, and prices may differ from site to site. Some official, government-run sites may not sell tickets to non-residents. To deal with these restraints, you can rely on third-party websites that let you purchase tickets for raffles and lotto contests from all over the world.

Thanks to the magic of technology, nowadays, you have access to some of the biggest and most popular games in the world, such as Powerball and Mega Millions. You can buy tickets, using one of many secure payment methods, and wait for the draw. It works exactly like any other similar competition, for which convenience stores sell tickets.

Like most forms of online gambling, jackpot prizes are not the only reward available. There are often secondary prizes, and tickets are not sold just for huge draws. Many sites provide instant win tickets or scratch games.


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