By Andrew Atkinson

WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury has won another accolade after taking part in the Alleyway Champions group – weeding the streets in his hometown of Morecambe.

Tyson and his dad Johnny  helped a community group working in the seaside resort, having walked by as they were tidying up an area.

Millionaire Fury filmed the weeding on video and uploaded it on Twitter, quipping: “Come on dad, I’m paying you 35p an hour!”.

County Councillor Margaret Pattison who was weeding along with other councillors and the public, said: “I heard a voice saying ‘what are you doing girls’.

“We said we were doing our bit of weeding in Morecambe and Tyson and his dad thought it was a community payback scheme!

“I asked them to put the orange bibs on – which they agreed – and looked part of the group.”

Tyson said in the video: “Go on dad, he’s working for the local council. Alley Champions we are.”


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