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The photo is Kieran Fenton with his scratch card prize of 20€
The photo is Kieran Fenton with his scratch card prize of 20€

16 of us turned up at, arguably, the best course in this area and were greeted by a wonderful breeze that certainly helped in keeping us slightly cooler than normal. Once again, the fairways were very decent and the greens a tad faster than last week, that was due to there being a big competition there on last Saturday.

All in all, everyone appeared to enjoy the game where we played Stroke play, limited to a maximum over “5 over par” which ensured players weren’t going to be putting for a 10 on a Par 3 and slowing everyone down!

Back at the pub, Barney did his normal and sold a scratch card and when the winner was announced, there were loud moans and groans as ‘Fents’ (Kieran Fenton) was called up to shake the hand of Captain Ernie to collect his 20€.

We had 5 NTP’s, 4 Par 3’s and an NTP for the 5th, a par 5 in three and only one Par 3 went unclaimed, the 3rd and that is hardly surprising as it is some 175 yards to a very narrow green. Hitting the green isn’t to much of a problem (for most) but holding it is. Anyway, Hole 6 went to visitor Lars Kristiansen, Hole 13 to Paudge Connolly and hole 16 to Steve Higgins, who also took the NTP on the 5th, the par 5 in three.

Two’s Pot: Only one player secured the elusive Two and therefore Lars Kristiansen took the pot, 32€.

The scores on the doors were quite reasonable and not many needed to use the ‘Max 5 over’ rule.

In the Silver Division, the Close But No Cigar (CBNC) non prize went to Mickie Coady with a nett 85. Two shots better, Captain Ernie’s 83 ensured he took yet another envelope in the Stroke Play event and way ahead with a fine nett 77 was Paudge Connolly who took the Silver winner’s purse.

In the Gold division, the scores were only just a little bit better and the CBNC went to Moose, Tom Burke, with a nett 81. Just one shot better off with an 80, was the regular podium visitor, Mick Phelan. Barney’s nett 78 ensured that he took the Gold winner’s purse.

The overall winner of the day with a nett 76 was Steve Higgins.

Saving the best to last, she is back again, back to smiling as she steps up to accept the bottle of wine for her score of 90, which was, in all fairness, not a bad score on the day. Anyway, well done Gabi, another bottle to your collection for the Happy Golfer of the day award.

Next week we are back to La Manga to play the South course and Vistabella on the 28th see’s us leaving August and, hopefully, into weather that is a tad cooler!

Steve Higgins


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