Greece and Turkey big winners from UK Quarantine

Greece and Turkey benefit from UK Quarantine
Greece and Turkey benefit from UK Quarantine

With the UK Government digging in its heels with regard to a 14 day quarantine period for travellers arriving from Spain Thousands of tourists who booked holidays in Spain and the Islands, with Jet2, EasyJet Holidays and TUI UK, have been diverted to Greece and Turkey, which are not restricted by the UK.

Similarly, German tourists are choosing to drive to Croatia and Italy on holiday, instead of going through airport health checks, which is also affecting tourism on the Costa Blanca and in the Balearic Islands.

Incentives for Tourists

Both Greece and Turkey are also offering incentives to holidaymakers by taking all the fiscal and economic measures they can to make destinations more attractive to British and German tourists.

Greece has lowered its tourist VAT from 23 to 13% in August, while Turkey has devalued the lira by 20% with hoteliers cutting prices by more than 50%. As might be expected this has led to an increase in British and German tourists in both countries during August


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