While there were no fans to celebrate Arsenal’s 14th FA Cup title victory over Chelsea, many have continued praising Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang‘s contribution to the game. The 31-year-old helped to make a huge difference against the opponents on Sunday, just as he managed to do during their game with Manchester City.

Once again, Aubameyang managed to help the Gunners record an improbable finish at Wembley, despite having a turbulent campaign. During the game, Chelsea took the lead early through Christian Pulisic, who scored the only goal for the visitors in the 5th minute. Similar to the cricket world cup betting, if you’re looking to bet on the 2020 ICC Cricket World Cup you’ve come to the right place. The game was pretty intense after the first goal, and it was quite unpredictable not only to punters but also the fans.

Despite conceding an early goal, Aubemayang seemed quite enthusiastic, springing into action to equalize in the 28th minute. The Arsenal star managed to score through a penalty after being pulled to the ground by Cesar Azpilicueta. His second and winning goal of the match came in the 67th minute benefited from the poor defense, as Kurt Zouma was easy to beat.

Aubemayang showed incredible skills during this moment, threatening to shoot, before taking the ball with his left foot to give it a memorable finish over Willy Caballero. That was an incredible match-winning moment that only a few strikers can produce. It was also Aubemayang’s 29th and last goal of the season.

That makes you wonder where Arsenal would be without Aubemayang’s contribution. Admittedly, the fans would rather not imagine that. Fortunately, there’s still hope for them, as ESPN reported last month that the 31-year-old star requested a three-year contract for £250,000 per week. The Gabon native indicated that he’s willing to remain with Arsenal, but the team’s budget has been unstable for weeks. 

After his performance last weekend, the uncertainty is now over. Aubemayang might have managed to secure his pay raise in the best way possible. His two goals managed to give Arsenal more resources, from which the club can now afford his pay raise. However, he kept everything under the wraps when asked about his future in Arsenal immediately after the game.

Aubemayang definitely savored the moment, and he was the last to leave the pitch after dropping the trophy while carrying it over his teammates. Arsenal celebrated with shirts made with “14 Always Forward”, which also happens to be Aubemayang’s shirt number. While that was only a coincidence, it felt more like a divine moment for the fans.

The Gabonese international is extremely popular with the players, something that Arsenal needs to keep in mind if history has taught them anything. Mesut Ozil is currently one of the club’s highest earners at £350,000 a week, though he has been on leave over the last week has not made the bench.

Nonetheless, it is clear that Arsenal would love to trade him, though his salary indicates that there was a time where the club highly desired to return among the top positions in English football.

Aubemeyang also holds the same central position that Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil once held, but unlike them, there’s no question about his ability to perform during big games. As a Champions League-quality striker, Aubemayang would be easier to keep than to replace. Fortunately, he managed to bring the bounty home last weekend, making sure there’s enough to secure his position in the club.

Image courtesy Arsenal FC