• President of Valencian Generalitat Ximo Puig guest of honour at Los Montesinos 30th anniversary celebrations
  • Quote: ‘We thank the President for his presence and his commitment to our Municipality. It is an honour for our people’ – Mayor Jose Butron.

By Andrew Atkinson

The President of the Valencian Generalitat Ximo Puig Ferrer was the guest of honour at the celebrations of the Los Montesinos 30th anniversary of independence.

“We thank the President for his presence and his commitment to our Municipality,” said Mayor Jose Manuel Butron.

“It is an honour for our people,” said the Mayor, who showcased the Vega Baja town’s history to President Puig, along with other dignitaries and councillors.

Councillor Ana Belen said: “I had the opportunity to make known first-hand the Los Montesinos project, where the pathways are born, to the President of the Valencian Government Ximo Puig, who is very interested with what happens in the municipalities.

The Valencian President enjoyed a short walkabout, during which he met members of the public. He also visited Restaurante La Herradura, meeting Chef Aurora Torres and staff, complementing them of achieving the distinction of being the area’s finest restaurant.

“Thanks goes to the Valencian Tourism Agency for their collaboration.”

July 30 is a milestone for Los Montesinos having become independent in 1990: “Today we are a bigger town with more services and opportunities.

“A young, cozy and diverse Municipality, that values its history to project itself into the future with new challenges,” said Mayor Butron.