Orihuela’s Department of Infrastructure has closed all of the municipality’s playgrounds and parks from effect 29 July.

It was explained that they have been temporarily shut down as a preventative measure, because of the risk of contagion from Covid19, and the possible risk of spreading the virus between users.

A spokesperson for the department said that it is impossible to guarantee proper interpersonal separation in these parks and to police the maximum capacities allowed.

In recent days, there has been a large increase in the number of people using these spaces who are not wearing sanitary masks, despite having been expressly warned of this obligation, as well as many more who are not respecting the minimum distance of 1.50m.

The current situation regarding the contagion in our area and the necessary restriction of community use of public facilities that may carry a risk, especially in highly vulnerable populations such as children, requires a great deal of caution, so the municipality has no alternative other than to close these facilities and adopt this measure, although we hope that it can be lifted in the shortest possible time.


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