The Local Police of La Vila Joiosa have become the first in the province to have a horseback unit. The detachment is made up of two agents and two horses that were out for the first time last weekend where they patrolled the central beach

“A policeman on horseback is more of a spectacle and provides a greater sense of security to public,” according to Juan Miguel Sandoval, a member of the unit.

This is a project proposed by Sandoval himself proposed to the Chief of Police, José Álvarez Ibáñez , the advantages of having police officers on horseback in the municipality, which are multiple, covering functional, psychological and even promotional aspects as could be seen by from the dozens of people wishing to have their photographs taken with the officers and their mounts..

Sandoval says that being on horseback allows officers to have a higher angle of view, which widens their field of vision and allows them to monitor far more of an area. He adds that the horse also allows them to travel greater distances in much less time than they would cover on foot, so they can repeatedly visit many of the areas.

It also emphasises the versatility of the horse, so they have the possibility of working on the seafront, directly on the beach sand, in mass events, as well as in rural games.

The two horses are Ulises, 18 years old and Máximus, 13, both of them are Spanish and they are already totally use to contact with people. These two horses have been loaned to the City Council by their owner at no cost. They will carry out a total of 6 patrols which will take place throughout the summer, 2 during the month of July and 4 in August.


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