Intense competition among online casino compels operators to get creative with their advertisements and in some cases, more aggressive. The vast majority of the campaigns take place online, but in recent years, TV ads have also surged to new highs.

In the UK, casinos and bookmakers need a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to lawfully provide their services to local players. The UK GC watches over licensed operators and when needed, imposes certain limitations to keep players safe.

Few changes of extraordinary magnitude have happened over the last few years, but the wheels are set in motion for a major change. In excess of 50 members of the parliament promote the banning of online casino ads.

A Serious Blow for the Gambling Industry

2020 felt like a roller coaster for gambling operators, with sports betting reduced to near irrelevance, while other forms of gambling surged. In the UK, TV ads have played a major role in promoting the brands and online casinos and slot sites that you can see here have relied heavily on them.

Although they agreed to stop advertising during the coronavirus crisis, casinos were counting on the ads to propel their growth for the remaining of the year. The plans of the MPs could shatter their hopes, as the members of the parliament intend to ban all forms of gambling ads from television.

The reasoning behind this decision is to protect players from what the MPs consider to be aggressive and dangerous advertising. With roughly 11 billion GBP, the gambling industry is huge in the UK and it generates a lot of money for the state budget. The fact that so many members of the parliament are ready to take measures that will hurt its growth suggests the seriousness of the situation.

They propose a major overhaul of the 2005 Gambling Act to curb and ideally eliminate gambling ads from TV. Their former initiatives were successful and they have a lot of support for certain categories of the population.

The Future of TV Gambling Ads Looks Grim

The members of the parliament behind this initiative have high expectations from the measures they propose. Initially, the main focus of their project is to eliminate TV gambling ads, but they are likely to go beyond this goal. Online advertising could also be targeted soon after, especially if the initial measure is regarded as a success.

To say that the group is against gambling would be an understatement, as they have other projects that could hurt the industry. The £2 stake limit on online slot machines is perhaps the most concerning project for the online gaming industry, as it could significantly diminish its profits.

The future of gambling advertising on television looks grim and there’s a good chance for such ads to be banned altogether. VIP programs and loyalty schemes could be next, as they are regarded as dangerous because of their psychological impact.

If online casinos and bookmakers will be deprived of these too effective tools, attracting new players and keeping existing ones happy will be extremely difficult.