21 of us made the short journey to Lo Romero and found the course, once again, in excellent condition, albeit with slow greens; but some prefer them that way.

Back at the pub, McCafferty’s on the Cabo Roig Strip, Gabi Middleton and Deirdre Kiely both stepped up to collect 20€ for their selections on the two Scratch cards that were sold.

NTP’s: We have the usual 4 on the Par Three’s and on this course, we also have the iconic 18th where we also have an NTP in Two. 4 of the 5 were claimed and stepping up to collect their sleeve of balls was Jens Fransson, Blue Smith, Steve Higgins and, I believe for the first ever time, Gabi Middleton. The 18th NTP was very safe as the wind was hurting the 2nd shot of anyone that even tried to attempt it.

The scoring at Lo Romero, as I have said, was quite tasty and Keith Crossan’s 31 points was only good enough for the CBNC non-prize. The top two in the Silver division both scored 33 points and losing on countback was Tom Burke who had a slightly lower back nine that Mick Phelan, who, once again was in the prizes. Both accepted their ‘brownie’ from Captain Ernie.

The Gold lads scored slightly better and 31 points again, was only good enough for the CBNC for Christine Church. Only one point ahead with 32 points was Joe McAleer and the winner of the Gold Division, to many groans, was John Saunders with a steady 33 points.

The Overall winner with a cracking 35 points was “Lucky Jim”, Jim Barbour who must have been smoking some pot to help him out after last week’s abysmal 14 points. Well done “Lucky”, good shooting and you are now back to 23!

Happy Golfer: We have a NEW record, one that really no-one wants to famous for…BUT, there are exceptions to every rule and I know that this weeks recipient of a bottle of wine was as pleased as a pig in, well you know what I mean.

With a score of JUST over 11 and below 13 was the one and the only (and we should be so grateful for small mercies like that, the one and only Mickie Coady. He will be presented it the next time he plays; he is not going to get away with the ‘walk of fame’.

Please Stay Safe everyone.

Steve Higgins


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