McCafferty’s Golf Society

McCafferty’s Golf Society
McCafferty’s Golf Society

18 of us made the short but highly convoluted journey to La Marquesa, which could be for the last time as many are just not too enamoured with the course which, personally, I find disappointing for it is a decent test of golf with it’s tricky greens.

The course itself was in decent condition, with the greens certainly a lot slower than the putting green and that certainly caught many of us out and this was evident as only three players broke the 30-point barrier.

Two’s Pot: No-one managed to get the elusive “Two” and, therefore, we have a carryover of 36€ to next week’s game at Lo Romero.

As said earlier, players struggled to score 30 or more points and in the Silver Division, the CBNC non-award went to Tom Burke with 22 points. The Runner-up in that Division was Keith Crossan with 27 points and the winner, and the only one breaking the 30-point barrier, was the Vice-Captain, Andy Brown with 31 points.

In the Gold Division, the scores were slightly better and the CBNC award was very gleefully and happily announced, for that non-award went to Barney McAffrey with 28 points and only one point ahead with 29 points was Jimmy Kiernan who took the Runners-Up slot. Mick Phelan continues with his good form and his 31 points was more than good enough to take the top honours in the Gold Division.

The overall winner with 33 points was Steve Higgins

The Happy Golfer always sends a shiver down many spines, but when the winner was announced, the giggles got louder for an abysmal score of less than 15, but more than 13, saw “Lucky Jim” (Jim Barbour) gleefully accept the bottle of wine kindly donated by the Trinity.


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