Angels Trumpet a ‘show-stopper’ – but toxic!

Angels Trumpet a 'show-stopper' - but toxic!

The Angels Trumpet is a ‘show-stopper’ with their hanging bugle-shaped flowers of the angel’s trumpet, depicting colours of white, peach, pink, orange, or yellow.

Grown, either as a woody shrub or small tree, in pots or in direct soil, the Angel Trumpet matures between six to 20 feet tall and 10 to 15 feet wide, dependent on the variety.

Requiring full sun, with afternoon shade in warmer climates, such as Spain, it will flower throughout the year on the Costa Blanca in our warm climate.

The flowers produce a strong, fragrant scent, aromas being strongest at night.  Although pruning is not required, a regular trimming will produce constant flowers.

If you grow Angeles Trumpet in a pot, water well and often, making sure enough drainage is obtained to save waterlogging. As long as the soil appears moist and there is no wilting, the plant will be fine.

The toxic Angels Trumpet is also known as the ‘Trumpet of Death’, due to the plant being toxic – exposure can be extremely dangerous.

Therefore, gloves should be worn when handling the plant, and be cautious if you have children or animals.