Students who get enrolled into the college sports majors should be ready to face such challenges as writing tasks. Even if you do not study sports intentionally, English, literature, history, and PE, teachers may ask you to write a paper on one of the sports-related topics one day. In some cases, the topic is mentioned in the instructions.

However, often, teachers and professors want to see how well their students can choose topics or pose questions on their own.

From one side, being able to pick the topic is a good perspective as you will avoid issues that you don’t know well or have no desire to discuss. On the other side, many students get stuck with the collection and choice of ideas. At the same time, a student will understand the true value of physical education and exercises.

To get started, collect as many relevant ideas related to the topics covered in class as possible. Divide them into categories. Make sure that you choose the issue which is interesting for both you and the community that you live in. You can gather in teams and brainstorm with your classmates, buddies, or family members. Another source of inspiration is the internet. Social networks will show you which topics are in trend and why. Study the latest news from the world of sports.

When surfing the web or looking for ideas in your college library, avoid outdated sources. Try to use both primary and secondary sources. Pay attention to the recently published or posted materials as things may greatly change in less than five years. The credible sources should be 3-5 years old maximum.

Otherwise, your tutor will not count your research paper or essay as a trustworthy one. Also, do not take materials from blogs, social media posts, forums, Wikipedia, and other unreliable sources. The information from them is not confirmed by experts, and that’s why teachers recommend avoiding to cite it.

Before starting to work on your assignment, make sure to ask your professor whether the chosen topic is okay. They may recommend switching to another one, so do not waste your time on irrelevant topics. You can also use help from an essay writer or educational platform to help with your assignments.

List of Topics for Sports Education and Athletics

So, you are about to write an essay or another type of academic assignment for your program or physical education class. Where to start from? On the internet, you may find many ideas for inspiration. You should decide whether you want to cover a topic, solve a problem, provide a how-to guide, or answer the specific question first. You may first come up with a thesis statement to make the process of topic selection somehow easier.

If you order papers online, the writing agency is supposed to provide you with the topic for free. However, if you work on your task on your own, you might want to have a look at the existing topics to pick one of the available options.

  • Can female coaches train male sports teams?
  • Why should high school athletes be paid?
  • Schools should invest more in their athletic and cheerleading teams
  • Why is self-control important in judo?
  • Is an ability to do certain types of sports an inborn talent or gained skill?
  • Ads promoting tobacco and alcohol should be banned during the sports matches
  • Chess as a type of sports: Its peculiarities
  • Various methods to bet on soccer events
  • Horse racing as a separate type of sports
  • Why fitness and nutrition go together these days
  • How to win the World Memory Championships
  • What are the qualities of a professional football player?
  • What is the difference between football in Europe and the US?
  • Who is the greatest fighter of all time?
  • Analysis of the updates to NBA main rules and guidelines
  • The connection between sports events and music
  • How is soccer different from football?
  • The riskiest types of sports
  • How to treat injuries in sports: First aid
  • The issues with the bidding process faced during the World Cup
  • What is the required age for tennis players, and why?

You can also find and use an essay topic or title generator. There are plenty of them online, and these tools are mostly free.


To sum up, choosing a good topic for your sports class or BA program is not the easiest thing in the world, but it is a rather creative and exiting process. You should involve research, brainstorming, and drafting. Think about the topics related to the recent lessons covered in class.

Also, do not forget to use online help in the shape of free lists of essay topics or paper title generators.


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