• June bursts of bloom with lavender-blue trumpet-shape flowers

THE spectacular jacaranda tree is enjoyed all over the world – especially on the Costa Blanca with its micro-climate!

With a barren of leaves for 10 months of the year, in May and June the trees burst into bloom, with a solid covering of lavender-blue trumpet-shape flowers at the tips of branches.

Jacaranda prefer a sandy soil with good drainage – and love to bask in full sunshine. Fast growing it can grow up to 18 metres, with a branch span just as wide.

A native to Mexico, Caribbean and South America, jacaranda require regular watering – allow to dry out in between in the early days. Prune regularly in early spring time.

Upon planting, choose wisely, as when flowers drop, they will need to be raked up, due to becoming slimy as they decompose and can potentially cause damage to the surrounding garden.

Note the flowers, seeds and nectar are very poisonous and all parts of the plant can cause irritation and pain in the mouth, if chewed. The sap and bulb are especially toxic to children.


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