Are you worried about your upcoming drug test? Put your worries behind as there are safe drinks that can help wash away the marijuana from your body. 

If there is a little time left for you to clean out your system, you need to find something that is very effective and work fast. Cannabis usually remains in your system longer as compared to other recreational drugs, which makes cleaning urine fast can be a sticky subject for marijuana users.

It is known that weeds are legal in nine states in the US, but some occupations still require you to be free from the substance upon urine testing. Although it is the least dangerous drug taken recreationally, it takes several weeks to remove it entirely from our body. It’s because of how the body processes marijuana. Cannabis bind to fats in our bodies because it is a fat-soluble drug. 

Below are drinks that you can use to detox from weeds.

Effective and Safe Detoxifying Drinks

If you are looking for an effective and safe detoxifying drink here are three reliable products that you can consider:

Clear Choice Rescue Clean

If you will undergo a urine test today and you want to get a good result, you can take Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse at least two hours before the testing time. The effectivity of the drinks will last up to five hours. Keep in mind that for this drink to become effective, you need to follow the instruction carefully. If you are a smoker, you need to stop smoking for three days. Your result can be greatly affected if you fail to follow this. 

Also, do not eat for four hours before taking this drink. You must follow the instructions to get the result that you want. 


Another popular and effective detoxifying drink is Qcarbo32. It is formulated with some premium detox ingredients like proteins, carbs, herbal supplements, phosphoric acids, and vitamins. Its adequate amount of carbohydrates and fibre makes this drink an effective product to boost your metabolism. This drink is used if you want to get positive lab results, particularly in passing the weed test.

Does Qcarbo32 works for all drugs? The answer is yes! This drink, with the brand name Qcarbo32, can clear your urine from all drugs. It is known as the fastest and effective detoxifying drink that will help pass urinalysis in the US. With the increasing number of companies that consider drug tests mandatory during the recruitment process, you need something that will help you pass the test. 

Detoxify Mega Clean

If you are looking for a detoxifying drink that does not require you to stop smoking, the Detoxify Mega Clean could work for you. This product contains natural herbs that are backed by science. It also contains vitamins that can help boost your energy. You don’t need any other preparation when using this detoxifying drink so that you can use it on the day of the test. The use of Mega Clean requires you to drink a lot of water, and you will need to pee a lot. 

This drink dilutes the marijuana and adds nutrients, creatinine, and color to avoid the urinalysis detectors. It works not just on weeds, but also on other toxins that are present in your system.

Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to have a positive result in your urine. Failure to do so can lead to a different result.


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