Does anyone else REALLY need to cut their hair, but not want to go out?


Say hello to the future of hair clippers! No more accessories no more hassle no more worry!

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These are the new style of hair trimmers! This new model has been designed to be easy to use no matter the situation! If you’re at home the Zimmed hair trimer will make it easy to remove unwanted hair with ease! With no changing of heads necessary it is so simple, just unpack, plug in and go!

Designed for portability to, this model is easily transported, all you need to worry about is the cable and the Zimmer itself. If hair is your business, the Zimmer is your best friend!

  • The Zimmer features a one-button lock, sliding positioning comb that accurately measures hair from 3mm to 21mm in length, giving you the perfect trim every time!
  • The blades are made from a new hardened nano-ceramic which is 1.6x stronger than ordinary stainless steel! This means the Zimmers blades will last much longer than any other ordinary hair trimmer on the market! This allows you to save money and not need to keep buying new blades or whole new units!
  • With a powerful dual-speed motor! You can select the speed of the blades to allow optimal cutting for any hair!
  • The ends of the blades and the combs are rounded to ensure they are not sharp allowing you peace of mind!


Hair Cutting has never been so simple with the ultra-quiet, economical two speed Zimmer!

Is the hairdressers to loud for your baby, or the queue too long. Or maybe you want to save some money on the expensive cuts for him or her? The Zimber is perfect for you, no constant prices to pay, no queues to wait in, no parking spaces to find. You want it simple, you want it easy and you need a Zimmer, it’s just a quick checkout away!

The clever slider position design can lock to cutting depths of 3mm-21mm. This makes it easy to get a salon cut or a barbers trim in the comfort of your own home.

The newly designed motor creates the perfect peaceful environment and runs at 55db which is 22% quieter than the industry standard 70db.

The Zimmer is also more powerful and efficient than the competition with a base cutting speed of 4500 rpm, and a boost speed of 55000 rpm, even thick hair isn’t a problem!

The Zimmer has clever smart indicators to display its current activity with unique indicators for low battery, charging and full power.

With a clever and innovative Boost Rapid Charge battery the Zimmer can go from 0-90% with just 1 hour of charging! The last 10% is cleverly trickle charged protecting the battery from overcharge and keeping you and your home safe! With a total charge time of 1.5 hours, the Zimmer is clever and eco-friendly!

With a 100% charge to use capacity and a 3-month boost, you are sure to be impressed

Safety is a priority with Zimmer, with specially rounded blades, you can be sure you are looking and feeling your best!

The clever USB C interface is the new and modern feature, of which the Zimmer runs the front line.

Rated power: 5W-

Rated voltage: 5V

Charging time: 120 minutes

Product net weight: 142g

Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.9-2008


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