Earlier this week, FIFA proposed that each team should be allowed five changes in a game instead of the standard three. According to FIFA, this would come as a temporary measure to help solve the issue of fixture congestion that might affect different leagues when they come back.

Since mid-March, football stadiums have been deserted as people continue to remain indoors amid the ongoing crisis. Fortunately, sites are offering great promo codes like Coral to keep fans entertained, as many football federations and leagues continue hoping that there will be enough time to complete the season. However, that will mean cramming the fixtures into a short period once the games restart.

FIFA explained the temporary plan earlier on Monday, hoping to help prevent injuries due to player overload that might happen when the matches restart. This proposal will give organizers the chance to allow teams to use five substitutes per game instead of three. The football federation further proposes the sixth substitute for knockout games that extend till extra time. 

In a statement, FIFA said that their main concern is the higher frequency of matches might significantly increase the potential of injuries because of the resulting player overload. For instance, major clubs like Manchester City will be facing an intense schedule in three different competitions if the games can successfully return in the coming weeks.

When the games can safely restart, City might have over 19 games, three in the FA Cup, six in the Champions League, and 10 in the premier league. These games might be tightly scheduled, played in about ten weeks through august. On the other side, Serie A giants might have to play 20 more games to complete their regular season.

Juventus are yet to play 12 games in the Serie A, two in Coppa Italia, and six in the Champions League. The tight schedule might affect the productivity of some teams, and that’s why FIFA wants to level the ground and make it favorable for the players when the games return. However, the proposal will need to be signed by the rule-making panel in football, commonly known as IFAB. 

Despite the adjustment in the number of substitutes, teams will only be allowed three stoppages per match to implement the changes. The approval of the new proposal should be a formality on the panel, which features the four national federations in Britain and officials from FIFA. The international football federation is also proposing the five-substitute rule to be retained next season, which might also be condensed as it’s likely to start late.

If the proposal passes, it will also apply for all national games up to December next year. That includes the World Cup qualifying games, which are already behind schedule in South America and Asia.