• FFCV Sporting Saladar Regional Group 1 G8 brothers Yonai and Jesus Manuel Culiañez Gil are hoping football will return, amid the Valencia Football League fixtures postponement, due to the coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown. ANDREW ATKINSON reports.

“Myself, Jesus and our teammates are all well. Let’s hope we all continue to remain well,” Yonai told The Leader.

“We are wishing to be able to roll the ball again – hopefully soon,” said goalkeeper Yonai, who began his career at Sporting, at Benjamin level.

“I do not want to lose the rhythm of how I ended, before all this happened and in the way I was,” said Yonai, who was once at Hercules CF as a Cadet in the Spanish Autonomous League.

“I do my own training – four days a week – with my brother Jesus and we are able to help each other,” said Yonai.

Sporting Saladar brothers Yonai (top) and Jesus Manuel Culiañez Gil.

Government strict guidelines in postponement of football, along with all sports, professional or amateur, following the coronavirus outbreak has been praised.

“It has been done for the good of all – and assurance that it does not happen again in a big way,” said Yonai, who has not returned to work in sales.

After a period at Hercules CF, and at Elche CF, Yonai, who returned to Sporting in the FFCV 1st Regional G8, said: “It is necessary to respect the decision of the FFCV.

“We miss football – our passion – but we know it is important to stay in shape and think about next season.”

Prior to the postponement of fixtures in FFCV, Sporting were in a period of easing the lower echelons of the table.

Journeyman Yonai, who switched to Formentera CF, prior to rejoining Sporting again, said: “It has been a difficult year – the truth – the team were all new players. It was difficult to know each others style of play.

“Just when we were well organised – getting to know how each other plays and knew our ideas – along came  COVID-19.”


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