It’s always wonderful when a sports venue is able to receive funding for repair work to take place. And that’s precisely what the Sports City area of Torrevieja is receiving – a huge boost of more than €5 million. This will be put to use in repairing and restoring the Sports Palace, whilst a new 25-metre indoor swimming pool will also be constructed alongside. It is the Sports Palace which has been the focal point of the 2020 budget for Sports City, and for the council of Torrevieja.

In total, €3.3 million is being poured into the facility, with the Sports Palace having originally opened in September of 2000. Yet, over its years of use, the building requires a big overhaul to deal with certain issues, such as water leaks, which have been discovered during heavy rainfall. The poor state of the changing rooms has also been complained about, so the plan is to restructure the whole area.

Of course, at the moment, the Costa Blanca is in lockdown due to the threat of coronavirus, so any plans to proceed with the restructuring and refurbishment of Sports City have had to be put on hold. Yet, the plan for the Sports Palace is to see it go through a complete change in infrastructure, and this will replace all electrical, heating and natural gas installations. The plumbing and air conditioning of the venue will also be tackled in the refurb work.

Sports Palace Has Time Against It

Unfortunately, the World Women’s Handball Championships are due to take place at the Palace in December 2020 as one of the hosting venues. With the lockdown currently in place for an indefinite period of time, time is not on the side of the refurb work being done. Handball is one of those sports that has grown in popularity over recent years, and that’s why it also receives a number of sports bets at various online platforms.

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Improvements are also expected to take place on the current Olympic heated pool in Sports City. All kinds of problems have been experienced with the pool, which have pretty much been there since the day that it opened up. In fact, it was closed for almost one year back in 2017, with repairs taking place then to combat leaks. These still haven’t been completely resolved.

Meanwhile, the new indoor pool that is being constructed will be a 25-metre one, and this is set to be placed between the Sports Palace and the blue pavilion. €2 million have been dedicated to this project, although this will operate as more of a leisure and educational facility in comparison to the Olympic pool.