Valencian President forced to apologise for his Minister of Health

Puig and Barcelo with health professionals
Puig and Barcelo with health professionals

The ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has apologised on behalf of the Valencian Government for the “unfortunate” statements made by the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, on Tuesday in which she said that there are medical staff who have been infected as a result of contact with family members or travel.

In an interview on ‘The Ana Rosa program’ on Telecinco, Puig said “there are many sources of infection,” and the statement was made during a ‘pressurised situation’ in a rolling press conference, that it had been taken out of context and did not mean to show any criticism of the magnificent job that health workers are doing.

He said that Barceló’ has his “confidence and absolute support.” “We all make mistakes and in no way was it intended to show disrespect.”

Therefore, Puig asked for “forgiveness for the Generalitat from health all professionals.” “We all make mistakes, it was a mistake by the minister and she has rectified it,” he said

On Tuesday evening, Barceló tweeted: “When asked about the source of contagion in professionals, I commented that contagion may have occurred in different ways, possibly due to the exposure on the front line. I am sorry at how it was interpreted.”

However the unions rejected her statements calling them “disrespectful” (CCOO), “an exercise of cynicism” (CSI · F), “offensive and unacceptable” (Medical Union), “a way to inflame spirits” (College of Nursing) and “undoubted contempt for the workers” (Simap).