Coronavirus – 25 deaths and 297 new cases in the Valencian Community overnight

25 deaths and 297 new cases in the Valencian Community overnight
25 deaths and 297 new cases in the Valencian Community overnight

The Valencian Community has declared a further 25 deaths and 297 new cases on Monday bringing the total number of infected to 1,901 and 94 deaths.

Of the 702 patients currently in hospital in the community a total of 138 are in the ICU. There have also been 36 discharges in the last 24 hrs, six more than yesterday. Of the total number with the infection, 378 are medical staff, according to the Minister of Health Ana Barceló.

By province, 174 of the new cases are in Valencia, 66 in Alicante and 57 in Castellón. Of the total number of cases, 1,084 are in Valencia, 603 in Alicante and 211 in Castellón and of the deaths, 7 are from Castellón, 50 from Alicante and 37 in the province of Valencia. Of those patients who have been cured, there is 1 in Castellón, 23 in Valencia and 12 in Alicante.

Of the 702 currently being treated in hospital, 80 are in Castellón (12 in the ICU), 246 in Alicante (42 in the ICU) and 376 in Valencia (84 in the ICU). In total, 7,293 negative tests have been carried out and 37,200 calls have been taken on the helpline.

Protection material and beds

The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, said that two aircraft would be arriving tomorrow, Tuesday, with medical supplies that are being imported from China. He said that although he is grateful for the equipment that has been received from the government and from other health authorities the amount is “very insufficient”.

He added that the Valencian Government is currently trying to ensure that the Valencian Community is self-sufficient in terms of producing its own equipment and that the textile sector and technological institutes, can work toward providing a stable service.

He also pointed out that, for the moment, the Valencian health system lacks the immediate test kits for coronavirus, but that the Government will be providing them very soon.

“This does not mean that tests are not being carried out. They are and will continue to be so and we have the new kits we will do many more. ”

Puig said that the Valencian health system currently has sufficient beds and there are no major problems at this time and, although there may be some hospitals with difficulties, the system will be evened out.

Meanwhile there are currently 33,089, an increase during the last 24 hours of 4,321. There have now been 2,182 deaths, a further 410 since yesterday. Of that number 217 were in Madrid.


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