Benijofar’s Martin, Tyson Fury-lookalike KO – when it comes to fashion!

Benijofar's Martin, Tyson Fury-lookalike KO - when it comes to fashion!
Reporter Andrew Atkinson and Martin Dean. Photo: Helen Atkinson.

By Andrew Atkinson, at Ringside

TYSON Fury lookalike, Benijofar resident Martin Dean, says he’d KO the world heavyweight boxing champ – when it comes to fashion!

ROUND 1: “I love Tyson Fury’s shirts – I wish he’d wear odd shoes, or odd boxing gloves,” quipped Martin, whose fashionista trade-mark is odd shoes.

Fury defeated Deontay Wilder in the WBC heavyweight championship in Las Vegas in February, after Wilder’s corner threw the towel in.

Religious devoted Catholic Fury, who thanked Jesus for his title win, sang the song ‘American Pie’ in rejoicing.

ROUND 2: “They say everyone has a double – I could be his brother,” joked Catholic Martin, a former Croupier and singer, who has visited Las Vegas, and hosts weekly Spiritual meetings at Hamilton’s Bake House, Benijofar.

“Customers come into Benijofar and continuously tell me how much I look like Tyson Fury,” said Martin.

Fury returned to the ring two years ago, and has since openly spoken about positive mental health, after enduring a three-year drink and drug-fuelled battle with depression, following his win over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

Tyson ballooned to over 28-and-a-half stone (400lbs) and struggled with depression and addictions to cocaine and alcohol, after defeating Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015.

Fury sought help from psychiatric experts and embarked on a weightloss programme, losing nine stone in less than two years, before making an unexpected return to boxing.

ROUND 3: “I was an alcoholic and have suffered from depression – just like Tyson Fury and thousands more. When I was in Las Vegas I put 14 kilos on, mirroring Tyson’s weight gain,” said Martin.

Self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy King’ Hesketh Bank, nr Morecambe, Lancashire based Fury’s dapper dress sense is a knockout – as is Martin’s.

ROUND 4: Martin, named ‘Killer’ by Casino bosses, whose shirts and shoes are a match for Fury, said: “I was at a hotel in Benidorm and a group of guys went to reception.

“They saw me and shouted ‘It’s Tyson Fury! and started chanting ‘Tyson!, Tyson’.

“I told them to calm down – I wasn’t Tyson. But they’d have none of it – and insisted I was!”

ROUND 5: “Tyson Fury has openly spoken about his suffering from mental depression and his struggles in admitting to suicidal feelings.

“I’ve been there, in that dark place of depression and alcohol. I know how he felt, having suffered from both. I’m okay now, it’s part of life’s journey,” said Martin.


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