Arousr Sexting pics and videos

Arousr Sexting pics and videos
Arousr Sexting pics and videos

Everyone loves to sext. It’s practically a new national past time. We spend hours upon hours on our phones. It only makes sense that we try to turn that time into something we can really enjoy.

The only real question is where we can go to find people who love to share just as much as we do. That can always be the biggest hurdle to overcome. Depending on our actual friends, that can lead to a whole lot of wasted time.

We need to find other people who are always ready and willing to share and we need to find a lot of them. That’s where pic sharing sites come in.

Imgur goes hardcore

Imgur is one of the biggest pic sharing sites on the internet. Anyone can share anything there. There’s no censorship at all. Sometimes it seems like they want to be seen as the site that anyone can use to share anything they want. That doesn’t make it perfect, though.

The biggest problem is that it’s also filled with people who want to make you look at things you don’t want to see. With no oversight, people can use whatever tags they want to show you things you never wanted to see.

Flickr is a great option

Then we come to Flickr. This is definitely one of the better pic sharing sites out there. Just like Imgur, there’s no oversight at all. You can post anything that you want. If you want to see something, all you have to do is search for the adult content. There’s always a ton of it for you to see. The only issue here is that none of it is taken for you. You’ll see generic images that people thought other people would want to see and that’s pretty much it.

Mejuba is massive

Another great option is Mejuba. There’s almost no upload limit here. That means that other people can basically post as many pictures as they want. That’s also part of its downfall, though. With no limit on size, people tend to post massive files.

Everything is in as high a resolution as they can get and that’s not always what you want. It can take far too long to download a single image and it can take up way too much space on your hard drive. It’s great for works of art, but not so good for sexy pics.

Arousr does it right

If you want the best sexting experience, then you need to go to Arousr. This is where you can get pics that are taken just for you. You’re not just looking at something that someone took a long time ago.

You’re talking directly to the people, so they’re taking the pics at the same time. You can be sure that everything you see is meant specifically for you. There’s also no limit to how far they can go. No one is going to stop them from something because it’s being sent right to you and not posted somewhere.

Start getting pics right now

It doesn’t matter where you get your sexy pics. You should just start getting them right now. Sharing them is what makes sexting so much fun. It’s the best thing that you can do with your phone at any time of the day or night.

You can meet new people and start sexting with them right away because you know that they love it. Just decide on the kind of person that you want to talk to and try to find them on one of these sites right now.


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