A Complete Solution for Venous Complaints

You are in good hands with the team at NoVarices
You are in good hands with the team at NoVarices

This new, state of the art, medical clinic in the centre of Torrevieja specialises in the treatment of venous complaints, offering a complete solution for all kinds of varicose or spider veins, ranging from laser treatment to surgery of the affected areas.

Just walk into the clinic, tell us of your condition and let our Vascular surgeons devise the appropriate treatment and solution for your problem.

NoVarices is a clinic, directed by Dr. Magaly Anaya, Angiologist and Vascular Surgeon, where we can resolve your circulatory problems.

Varicose veins are present in up to 70% of the adult population in Spain and the correct assessment and treatment is important. In many cases venous problems can be complicated and while many people consider them to be purely aesthetic they could quite easily lead to a more severe vein issue. So it’s not only a matter of beauty.

At NoVarices, in addition to the professionals who deal in that speciality, we also provide cutting edge technology which can treat all kinds of varicose veins.

Depending on each individual case and the type of leg infection we can offer a wide range of different treatments to counter any problem.

Vascular Laser Treatment and Microfoam sclerotherapy - Specialist treatments from NoVarices
Vascular Laser Treatment and Microfoam sclerotherapy – Specialist treatments from NoVarices

Microfoam sclerotherapy

Microfoam sclerotherapy is a painless treatment where the doctor injects a foam substance into the leg in order to cure the affected vein. In accordance with safety standards and procedures, the treatment should be carried out for an average of 4-6 weeks.

Vascular Laser Treatment

Another popular and safe treatment that has earned the trust of millions of people is the vascular laser. In this procedure the vascular surgeon, points the laser onto the exact spot of the varicose vein and following its path, cures the affected vein in 1 to 2 sessions.

Invasive Surgery

The other procedure treatment to cure varicose veins in the legs is surgery. The operation is only modestly invasive and must be carried out by a vascular surgeon. A single surgery is needed to take out each of the affected veins.

Of course the type of treatment to be followed depends on the state of the problem of each individual case, from spider veins which can be cured by a simple laser to severe varicose vein problems which could need a surgical treatment.

The clinic has recently increased the range of services available to its patients. New services that are now available, including:

Permanent laser hair removal which is also compatible with vascular problems. Facial and body radiofrequency(R/F) to reaffirm, tone, stimulate the collagen and reduce wrinkles and facial expression lines.

So why not come along, meet the team and find out more about the services and the procedures that we offer. Our prices are extremely affordable and our expertise is without question. So drop in to NoVarices now and take advantage of our great offers and promotions.


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