SMGS at Alenda. January 15 th , 2020 – Colin Arkley Trophy


Forty members, joined by one guest, gathered at Alenda, for the 2 nd time in 2 months, to play for the Colin Arkley Trophy, a tournament named in honour of a much liked and respected former Captain and President who remains in the thoughts of those who knew him back when he was a very important cog in the SMGS wheel.

That wheel, thanks very much to recent Presidents, Captains and committee members, continues to increase in size, with some 190 members now listed.

The course was not in the excellent condition found during the society’s last visit back in November when its quality remained from a previously held European Tour Qualifying tournament, although the greens remained slick and smooth.

The time of year may have something to do with that, with some die back of the main grasses sown. However, it was most probably the many difficult pin positions that were the main factor behind the day’s generally poor scoring. Whilst all Gold Category winners scored more than thirty points, only one in Silver and two in Bronze managed to do so.

The Colin Arkely Trophy winner came from the latter, with Mike Jordan winning by a margin of 4 points from his nearest rival. Quite surprising given his disastrous round in the President’s trophy back in November. Barry Roehrig was another to see his fortunes change, going from the Abacus two months previously to 5 th in Gold.

However, the ‘Horses for Courses’ motto did ring true for some, with Ivan Hanak once again winning the Silver Category and Paul Kelsall continuing his liking for the Par 3 third.

Prize giving was held at the famed ‘Garage’ near Catral, meaning a number of wives could join, a lot less distance to get home for several following the usual post-round merriment, and a quick sprint down the motorway for others living further south. And somewhat cheaper beverages!!

The day’s winning results, by category and in reverse order, were the following: Colin Arkley Trophy: Mike Jordan

Bronze Category: 5th Mick Roscoe (27), 4th Neil Oliver (29), 3rd John Rose (30), 2nd Norman Padmore (31) and 1st Mike Jordan with the day’s best score of 37 points.

Silver Category: 5th Chris Wren (27), 4th Mike Kaylor (28), 3rd Rob Fyffe (30), 2nd Kyrre Skarsmoen (31 on CB) and 1st Ivan Hanak, who won this category back in November during SMGS’s last visit, also with 31 points

Gold Category: 5th Barry Roehrig (31), 4th Tony Smale (32 on CB), 3rd Mark Preston (32 on CB), 2nd Darren Strugnall (33 on CB) and 1st Dave Alderdice, also with 33 points

Nearest the pins (Sponsored by Property Shop): Hole 3 Paul Kelsall (again), Hole 5 Scotty Philips, Hole 13 Barry Roehrig, Hole 16 Mick Seymour

Abacus: Lee Eastman, Best (and only) Guest: Rock Loveday (32)

Our thanks go to all Alenda staff for an enjoyable day. Next week we will be at Vistabella. Keep up to date with all SMGS matters by logging on to our website or simply give Captain Phil de Lacy a call on 966 77 4197.


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