Snow joke! – easyJet snowboarding row

Amy and family in snowboarding row in flight to Barcelona.
Amy and family in snowboarding row in flight to Barcelona.

By Andrew Atkinson

A family’s snowboarding trip to Barcelona was missed after delays at check-in – despite luggage loaded onto the plane – that departed without them.

Problems arose for Amy Morgan, travelling from Bristol to Barcelona with easyJet, to spend Christmas with her family.

Amy, 36, from Swansea, has pointed the blame on delays at check-in, that led to her missing the flight,with partner Andrew Shaw, 40.

“We booked an early flight and had two small children so stayed nearby overnight so we could make it to our flight in time,” said Amy.

Amy, who said the queue at check-in was busy – with self-service an option, had paid for additional sports luggage for snowboarding. However the self-service kiosk did not recognise it.

“We had considerable difficulty trying to get the labels printed for sports luggage and asked for help, repeatedly.

“In the meantime our normal luggage had been sent to the plane,” said Amy.

According to her the luggage desk would not accept the luggage – without labels – and sent the family to the customer service desk.

“By the time I pushed in at customer service it was 6.50am. I was told the gate had been closed. We were then sent to main customer service.

“During this time there were no calls for the flight to Barcelona – or for customers to come forward in the queue,” said Amy.

“The luggage had our childrens Christmas presents in it. My brother, whose family had made the flight, informed me they had him trying to identify my luggage, delaying the flight by nearly 40 minutes.

“Surely it would have been easier to let us on – and print two sports labels,” said Amy, told the flight had departed – with the luggage on – and there was a “mis-communication”.

“We had no clothes to be able to change the kids – and stuck at the airport for 12 hours. I had to pay £440 for additional flights, later.

“I was with my childfen, aged one and four, trying to keep them entertained – a nightmare – the worst day of my life.

“We were in the departure room all day and weren’t accommodated for. We had the kids and they were so frustrated. It was heartbreaking.

“We arrived in Barcelona at 10.10pm, due to buying new flights, and landing out of car hire hours.  We then had added stress of having to re-arrange car hire.

“All this stress and heartache could have been avoided,” said Amy.

A spokeswoman from easyJet said: “ We are sorry Ms Morgan and her family missed their flight as a result of them arriving at the airport with insufficient time to get to the gate in time.

“We ask all passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before scheduled departure and to be at the gate at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure so we can get all passengers to their destinations on time.

“We did everything possible to assist Ms Morgan, and her family, including arranging alternative travel later that day for them.

“Some of their bags travelled on their original flight along with the rest of their group and were looked after by our team in secure storage at Barcelona airport for them to collect on arrival later that day.”

A spokesman from Bristol Airport said: “Passengers are advised to allow sufficient time to complete essential processes including bag drop, check-in, security and boarding.

“We recommend arriving at the airport a minimum of two hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.”

Caption: Amy and family in snowboarding row in flight to Barcelona.


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