The City Council of Orihuela will carry out in the commercial areas of Orihuela Costa a campaign to monitor and control compliance with the Road Cleaning Ordinance.

Dámaso Aparicio, Councillor for Road Cleaning and Waste Collection, with the assistance of Ramón López, Councillor for Citizen Security, said that their departments are going to launch “a campaign of informative visits to commercial premises on the Orihuela Costa in order to explain the Local Ordinance with regard to waste disposal”, so that traders are aware of them and comply with their provisions.

These articles establish that commercial and service premises and other establishments must have a closed space or restricted area with restricted access to house the necessary urban waste containers and that they are used correctly in order to avoid dirt and debris accumulating in the surrounding areas.

“As a result of meetings held with neighbourhood associations of Orihuela Costa, the council has received numerous complaints about the improper use of these containers, especially cardboard recycling, so we have decided to carry out this informative campaign in collaboration with the councillor of Citizen Security ”, said Dámaso Aparicio.

Ramón López said that his staff will aim to correct inappropriate behaviour that is unhealthy, or which dirties the streets and causes inconvenience to residents and other businesses. He said that initially “it is an informative and non-sanctioning campaign”, so that the commercial premises can become knowledgeable about the ordinance, comply with it and become aware of the importance of recycling.