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By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

BARRIERS have been erected at Lake Pedrera, Torremendo, in an attempt to stop groups of bikers and cars using the winding roads as a race track – a move that has affected fishing clubs.

“Lake Pedrera is out of bounds for the foreseeable future – with a big kerb and wall being built across the access,” a spokesperson from La Florida, Orihuela Costa Abbey Angling Club said.

Abbey Angling Club and Rods N Reels Angling Club have switched fishing from Lake Pedrera to El Bosquet: “All matches have been switched to El Bosquet, that were planned at Lake Pedrera,” said the spokesperson.

In an Exclusive Leader interview with Grand Design House proprietor Jenni Rey, whose Casa overlooks Lake Pedrera, she said a fatality has occured – which was a victim of speeding racers.

“They drive at incredibly high speeds. I have witnessed three accidents – wipeouts – due to high speed,” said Jenni.

“I know of one death – a  local Spaniard,” said Jenni, who said waterboard, Hidraqua have put in place a number of preventive measures, in a bid to stop the racing in the area.

“Hidraqua have erected barriers, in an attempt to stop groups of bikers, and cars, congregating and parking by the Towers,” said Jenni.

“The groups congregate at weekends, using the winding roads as a racetrack,” said Jenni.

“They normally turn around at the bottom, by our road, and drive backwards and forwards,  picking up speed, each lap,” said Jenni.

“There is normally a driver/rider stationed at the Tower end, and another at the CV950 end, with radios – to warn about Police in the area,” said Jenni.

“They also use it as a racetrack at night. The authorities have painted the road with a solid line, so there is no overtaking,” said Jenni.

“They have also put a large sign at the beginning of the CV950, Vistabella side, with a speed limit of 60km – with a warning of cyclists,” said Jenni.

“The high speed reckless drivers have endangered the lives of  the many cyclists who use the CV950, for training and leisure purposes,” said Jenni.

“Many years ago they also endangered my life, my daughters and my neice,” said Jenni.

“Out riding the horses, along the road, motorbikes whizzed past us – at high speed – inches from my horses,” said Jenni.

“I was terrified. To make matters worse, they turned around, and roared past us again,” said Jenni.

“Fortunately, we are good riders and have amazing horses, but the outcome could gave been so much worse,” said Jenni.

Following measures taken to stop the racers, Jenni said: “As residents we are extremely relieved that something has finally been done.

“It has been getting worse over the years. We have called the Police, on numerous occasions, but their lookouts have always warned them, or they have gone, by the time Police arrive.

“Notwithstanding the danger, the noise from the bikes, and cars revving engines on a weekend, is disturbing.

“Not so much for us, but certainly for the two Villas, built close to the road.”

Jenni added: “There has been a number of break-ins, smashed windows, of people who had parked their cars on the road, who had gone fishing.

“They are being pro-active, but as a consequence, access to the water edge is restricted.”


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