Costa Blanca Sth Bowls Roundup 1 November 2019

Costa Blanca Roundup Bowls Report.
Costa Blanca Roundup Bowls Report.

Country Bowls Club.  With Dennis Wade, John Mallet & Den Birkett

The San Luis Galaxies visited Country Bowls on Monday. A fantastic result for the Flamingos, although some tight games, they were triumphant, winning on all the rinks and coming away with a score of 14 – 0.

This result has put the Flamingos to the top of the league. Well done everyone.

Friday saw El Rancho Broncos arriving to play against the Cubs. After their first three matches of the season resulting in defeat, at last the Cubs came into their own. A great result, winning on all rinks.

Morale has returned and the score was 14 – 0. 127 shots to 61. Captain John Mallet is a proud man. Well done Cubs, your back on track.

Country Bowls Geckos travelled away to Greenlands Cedars for an afternoon match today. One of the toughest games for a while. Many of the games changed on the leader board several times during the afternoon.

As always, however, the determination and tenacity of the Geckos showed through and they held their nerve and used their improving skills to win on 4 rinks, losing by 1 shot only on another and came out victorious with a 10 – 4 win and a shot advantage of 105 to 97.

It also puts the Geckos into 4th place, equal in points to the third place team and only 2 points off the lead!! Come on Geckos!! Onwards and Upwards.

Country Bowls –

El Rancho Bowls Club

On monday morning the Pintos entertained Emerald Isle Neptunes, a match that we all appeared to enjoy. Certainly on our rink the Neptunes three quickly found line and length, as good players do, they were also cracking company. The Pintos did however take the rinks by 4 to 2 and the overall shots, Neptunes 2 rinks was a good return away from home.

Meanwhile the Raiders were at Emerald Isle playing Saturns, putting on a good display in taking 2 rinks, always a good away performance. Gary Dunstone, Gill Bartlett and Rob Clark 9-23. Gaynor John, Bryan John and Jan Brian Harris 9-19. Brian Gilham, Debbie Ham and Adrian Ham 10-18. Helen Hayward, Paul Durham and Ron Greenstreet 13-19. Chris Ziepe, Shirley Edwards and John Ziepe 18-15. Dolly Ford, Ann Abbott and Marion Haynes 16-15.

On Friday morning the Mustangs entertained La Marina Sharks in lovely sunshine, but with a brisk and gusting breeze. The Mustangs took 5 rinks, but 3 of them were close matches, a good battle all round. Ann C Taylor, Denise Morgan and Bob Morgan 21-10. Barbara Jones, Malc Sykes and Bob Taylor 31-14. Geoff Jones, Sarah Taylor and Jim Taylor 20-21. Lesley Day, Shirley Edwards and John Richards 14-12. Val Ryder, Mick Cox and Henry Ryder 15-13. Sheila Cox, Diane Yates and Richard Lee 37-15.

Meanwhile the Broncos were at Country Bowls taking on the Cubs and struggle to equal the play of the home team, which is often the case for most teams . For further membership information contact Sheila Cox at

Emerald Isle Bowls Club Elwyn Morris

Monday took the Titans to play La Marina Pioneers, and they come away with a good 8-6 aggregate 108-96 win, winners were S Johnson K Jolliffe D Close 30-8, J Pooley C Warner C Lindgren 26-6, A Miles M Veale B Kavanagh 14–11

Neptunes were away at El Rancho Pintos and lost 4-10 aggregate of 76-139, A Brown S Watson J Westall 23-16, C Parsons H Rhodes T Roche 17-13P H

Saturns played at home against El Rancho Raiders and they had a fine 10-4 aggregate 109-75, N Prior T Yeo J Bright 23-9, L Bath P Horton G Smith 19-9, K John R Andrews E Sheppard 19-13, N Inwood  F Thomas G Inwood  18-10

Wed saw the Isle travel up to El Cid in winter league. In a tight game the home team won 8-4, aggregate 83-65. P Rhodes A Miles C Smyth J Smyth 13-11, D Jones M Veale M Odell C Lindgren 16-16, J Pooley M Whitelock P Dix F Close 13-13

Friday saw the Cavaliers travel to play Vistabella Lanzadores and they had a good win 8-6, aggregate 103-107, winners were P Heaney C Smyth J Smyth 25-11, A Miles M Veale B Kavanagh 24-15, S Johnson K Jolliffe D Close 18-14, J Pooley C Warner C Lindgren 17-14

Claymores played at home and got back to winning ways with a 10-4 aggregate of 111-85 win. Winners were L Freeman B Eldred E Bennett 26-5, C Thomas T Dix  M Thomas 18-10, E Morris C Parsons P Dix 19-14, M Riley  J Westall  T Roche 18-16

Roundheads played at home against Greenlands Ash and had an 8-6 aggregate 99-103 win. Winners were M Elliott J Elliott P Creswell 22-8, L Bath D Martin G Smith 25-10, N Prior T Yeo J Bright 17-14,,    N Inwood F Thomas G Inwood 17-14

Outlaws travelled to play San Luis Jaguars, and they had a great 12-2 aggregate103-89 win. Winners were S Simpson  R Fooks  P Willicott 22-9,  ,B Taylor T Harris B Taaffe 24-17, K Soderlund T Culpin J Simpson 17-10, L Harris B Smith T Upham, 19-15, I Fay T Capewell A Fay  14-12

Remember you can bowl for 2 hours with shoes and bowls supplied and coaching on Saturdays at the club for 5 Euros, 13-30pm

Results and tables
Results and tables

Greenlands Bowls Club with Dave Webb

The Sycamores were at home to Quesada Diamonds, Final scores were – shots – 110 – 84, Points 12 – 2. Best winning rink were Sheila Cooper, Dave Dudding, skip Carolyn Harris. 21 – 3.

The Chestnuts played Vistabella Eagles. Final score – shots for 111 against – 88. Points – 9 – 5. Best winning rink were, Frank Barclay, Dane Howard, skip Margaret Hirst. 30 – 10.

Beech played Monte mar Toreadors. Final score – shots for 97, against 99. Points, 4 – 10. Best winning rink were – Jean Giddings, Carol Gray, skip Dave Giddings. 25 – 6.

The Maples were against Quesada Pearls, final score – shots for – 90, against – 97. Points 4 – 10. Best winning rink were – Sally Cordell, Sheena Barnes, skip Dave Barne. 18 – 7.

In the Winter League our opponents were San Miguel. Final score – shots for – 93, against – 84. Points, 8 – 4. Best winning rink were – Tony French, Graham Watt, Roy Cordell, skip Len Rudge. 30 shots to 8.

On Friday the Elms played Vistabella Conquistadors. Final score – shots for 104, against – 100. Points for 10 against – 4. Best winning rink – Frank Barclay, Dane Howard, skip Graham Watt. – 24 – 13.

The Oaks were at home to San Luis Tigers, they took a mauling but there’s always the return match to make amends. Final scores were, shots for – 83, against, – 106. Points for – 4, against – 10. Best winning rink were, – Brian Tomlin, Lynn Morris, skip Tom Hill. 25 – 14.

The Cedars were up against Country Bowls Geckos, Final score – shots 97 – 105. Points – 4 – 10. Best winning rink were, Beryl Reagan, Joe Ridley, skip Diane Ridley. 24 – 14.

The Ash played Emerald Isle Roundheads. Final score – shot for 103, against 99. Points -for – 6 against 8. Best winning rink were – Bob Haynes, Vic Young, skip John Skipper. 31 shots to 6.

For all inquiries please contact Chris Dewar on 698418987 or visit our web site –

LA SIESTA BOWLS CLUB by (rookie) Alan Carr

In Division B on Friday 25th the Blues were at home and entertained Greenland Ceaders, the Blues won on all the rinks and comfortably got the full 14 points, shots for 152, shots against 73. A big pat on the back to all the players for a well earned win, too many names to mention in dispatches.

In the same Division the Golds were away to Country Bowls Geckos the result ended as a draw 7-7, shots for 99, shots against 117. The rinks won by Bill Jordan, Sheila Millward & Jim Eastwood 23-18. Rod Edgerton, Wendy & Alan Ralph 18-15. Hilary Clarke, Pat Moore & Sue Jordan 24 -19. Also a good battle by Jo Elkin, Kathleen & Noel Morrisroe to get a 15-15 result. Well done to all the team.

In the Enterprise Division the Appollos were away to Vistabella Albastrosses where rinks were won by Brian Fraser, Tony & Val Dalton 23-16, Ramsey Sinclair, Pat Harman & George Richardson 19-17 so the result finished as 4-10, shots For 98, shots Against 130.

The Pioneers had a Bye on monday, so an Internal trips match was played on that day and well done to Jim Eastwood, Bill & Sue Jordan on getting through to the next round of the competition.

The Winter League saw Montemar visiting La Siesta and our winning rinks came from, Pat & Trish Reilly with Florence & Mike Edwards 26-14. Wendy Ralph, Tony Dalton, Pat Harman & Jean Cooper 24-12. Barbara Cooper, Pat Moore, Sue Jordan, & George Richardson 17-16. Well done to all of the team for a good win, the two losing rinks battled hard to try and secure all 12 points, the game finished 8-4, shots for 92, shots against 84.  There was some great bowling from both the teams.

On Thursday La Siesta Bowls club. internal Xmas Hamper games commenced which seen a lot of good bowling from the competitors.

If you are interested in joining this friendly club, just call Jim or Lyn on 690190523 or you are welcome to pop in and get further info from the Club President or Captain.

Monte Mar Bowls and Social Club

Sponsored by The Pub, Bowling Abroad, Avalon, Lounge D, Rogers, La Piazza and The Belfry.

MONTE MAR TOREADORS – Toreadors v Vistabella Picadors

The second away game of the league saw a hard match against the top of the Friday League. The Toreadors only won on one rink, well done to Cindy Bedford, Keith Young skip John Hunt. Two of the other rinks where very close with only two shots in it.

Shots Toreadors 83 – 121 Picadors. Points Toreadors 2 – 12 Picadors.

Toreadors v Greenlands Beech. Monday saw the Toreadors travelling to Greenlands to play the top team of the Monday league. This time  the Toreadors came out the winners, winning on four rinks and the overall shots. Well done to Cindy Bedford, Diane Horsington skip Les Bounds, Colin Bedford, Howie Williams skip Rod Chamberlain, Jean Chamberlain, Dave Thomas skip Neil Crawford, Cliff Noris, Dave Yarrow skip Iain Sheridan.

Shots Toreadors 99 – 97 Beech. Points Toreadors 10 – 4 Beech.

MONTE MAR MATADORS – Matadors v San Miguel Boxers

At home to the Boxers the Matadors had a good result winning on four rinks and the overall shots. Well done to Tanya Oliver, Lynne Armitage skip Ronnie Cairns, Mike Farrelly, Danny King skip Phil Goble, Pauline Merry, Alan Ashberry skip Chris Merry, Gins Hindle, George Houghton skip Graham Smythe. One of the other rinks only lost by one shot.

Shots Matadors 107 – 90 Boxers, Points Matadors 10 – 4 Boxers.

Matadors v Vistabella Drivers – At home again on Monday the Matadors had a hard match against the Drivers. The Matadors won on two rinks and drew on one rink. Well done to Mike Farrelly, Denise Ashberry skip Ronnie Cairns, Harry Dobson, Alan Ashberry skip Chris Merry and the drawing rink Tanya Oliver, Bill Judd skip Jack Burrell.

Shots Matadors 100 – 100 Drivers. Points Matadors 6 – 8 Drivers.

Winter League – Monte Mar v La Siesta

Away to La Siesta we had a enjoyable mornings bowling in lovely October sunshine. Well done to the two winning rinks of Tanya Oliver, Jan Gatward, Jack Burrell skip Chris Merry, Pauline Merry, George Houghton, Joan Harding skip Phil Goble. Also well done to Tracey Houghton, Gina Hindle,

Neil Crawford skip Ronnie Cairns who only lost by one shot. After the game Monte Mar players enjoyed a few drinks and a lovely lunch. I will have to add the ladies all received a red rose from the gentlemen which was really appreciated. A big thank you!!!!

Shots Monte Mr 84 – 92 La Siesta. Points Monte Mar 4 – 8 La Siesta.

San Luis Bowls Club with Sheila Cammack

With the start of our internal club championships on Tuesday, for many it has been a very busy week and although we’re just creeping into November it’s still surprisingly warm out on the green!

South Alicante League, Monday 28th October, SL Klingons had a good result 12-2, 128 shots-88 home v San Miguel Alsations. Winners: Kevin McKenna, Giuseppe Galelli, David Blackie 22-17, Margaret Morrison, Keith Phillips, Neil Morrison 21-15, William Holtham, Sabrina & Russell Marks 19-14, Kath Reid, Bill Webb, Peter McEneany 21-11, Helen Hammond, Ray Clarke, Scott Malden 27-11.

SL Trekkers, home v San Miguel Beagles, had a tough match with some close results but unfortunately just taking 2-12, 87 shots-127. Winners: Shirley Verity, Ralph Jones, Jo Pering 15-14. SL Galaxies, made the journey away to Country Bowls Flamingoes for a frustrating result: 0-14, 63 shots-148.

WINTER LEAGUE Wednesday 30th October, a hard fought match home v Bonalba: 8 points-4, 79 shots-63. Winners: Shirley Verity, Irene Mangan, Jo & Jules Pering 23-6, Ann Holland, Pam Lockett, Dave Blackie, Scott Malden 20-15, Kath Reid, Ray Pollock, Neil Morrison, Peter McEneany 17-7. Bonalba has No Berleen team.

Southern League, Friday 1st November, SL Lions away v Greenlands Oaks had a good result 10-4, 106 shots-83. Well done to: Jan Pocock Bill Webb Brian Pocock 15-12, Kath Reid, June & Keith Jones 17-10, Kevin McKenna, Ray Clarke, Peter McEneany 20-7, Ann Holland, Sheila Cammack, Ray Pollock 25-12.

SL Tigers had a close fought match, away v Quesada Swallows 6-8, 105 shots-111. Winners: Robert Hicks, Lyndon Johnson, Barry Edwards 19-13, Ros Holmes, Alex Morrice, Irene Mangan 28-15, Joe Kocsis, Ralph Jones, Malcolm Ayton 20-12.

SL Jaguars home v EI Outlaws 2-12, 89 shots-103. No team details available.

SAN LUIS BC OPEN TRIPLES COMPETITION JANUARY 3rd-5th 2020. If you wish to enter a team please contact Keith Jones a.s.a.p. on:

We are a competitive but friendly club; you’re welcome to join in “Vic’s hamper” 10:00/10:30 on Saturday mornings (check chalkboard outside the office & the calendar). For more information & calendar, check SLBC website at: We welcome new & experienced bowlers; come along & see us, or for more information contact June Jones, Club Captain: 691903773.

San Miguel Bowls Club – Week ending 1st November 2019 – Barry Jones

On Monday San Miguel Dalmatians were home to La Marina Pathfinders losing 6 – 8 (94 shots to 108) best winning triple were Iris Cutting, Bill Knight and Frank Scothern 24 – 11.

San Miguel Beagles were away to San Luis Trekkers winning 12 -2 (127 shots to 87) best winning triple were Belle McCarlie, Don Whitney and Fred Willshire 26 – 12.

San Miguel Alsations were also away to San Luis Klingons losing 2 – 12 (88 shots to 128) the winning triple were Anita Brown, Derek Farmer and Cyril Medley 20 – 18.

On Wednesday San Miguel were away to Greenlands losing 4 – 8 (84 shots to 93) best winning rink were James Cutting, Isabel McCarlie, Gail Willshire and Fred Willshire 25 – 8.

On The Berleen Trophy rink, Margaret Patterson, Linda Plaisted, Val Hignett and Lee Sinclair continue their winning streak with 33 – 16.

On Friday San Miguel Boxers were home to Vistabella Picadors winning 10 – 4 (127 shots to 95) best winning triple were Marilyn Shatwell, Bill Reeves and Gerald Shatwell 29 – 7.

San Miguel Bulldogs were away to Mazarron Miners winning 8 – 4 (94 shots to 91) best winning triple were Ian Hope, Barry Jones and Alan Campbell 22 – 12.

A reminder that the Wasps sessions take place Wednesdays 1:30 for 2:00 – €5 for an afternoon’s bowling with shoes and woods available to borrow. Due to the popularity of the Wasps, first time bowlers are asked to attend an initial coaching session on Tuesday afternoons, starting at 1:45.

For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club please contact the President Stuart Hemmings on 965720461, or the Secretary Gail Willshire on 965020492.

Vistabella Bowls Report.

Monday started off with a good win for the Albatrosses away  against the La Siesta Apollos 4 – 10 for the Albatrosses shots  130 for  98 against. A tight match for the Eagles against Greenland Chestnuts the Eagles losing 5 – 8 with 88 for and 111 against. An even tighter match for the Drivers away to Montemar  Matadors right down to the wire 8 – 6 to the home team and SHOTS 100 – 100 how close was that.

Again on Wednesday another tight game for the Winter league Vistabella  7 – La Marina 5 with again a close call 82 – 78 in favour of Vistabella.  Sponsored by Laguna Tavern Entre Naranjos.

Fridays results not so good for  the Conquistadores going down 4 – 10 against the Greenlands Elms shots very close again 100 – 104 a well fought match. The Drivers away to San Miguel Boxers struggled on some rinks and went down  4 – 10 with 95 to 127 shots against.  The Lanzadores also  had a close game against the Emerald Ilse Cavaliers, losing 6 – 8 with 107 shots to 103 so losing on games and winning the shots very tight indeed.

How about coming and have a go at bowling we would be pleased to see you. We can arrange a free session and lesson . You could get hooked it’s a fabulous game and a very sociable one you’ll meet lots of new friends.

Also bowlers are most welcome, we have a brand new green and are looking for new members. Please contact:  Club Captain – David Jenkins or Charlie Watkins  Reported by : Montestan


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