Top Trends Coming to a Casino Floor Near You

Top Trends Coming to a Casino Floor Near You
Top Trends Coming to a Casino Floor Near You

We know that technology is changing the world around us at a faster pace than we ever imagined. However, this change is no more apparent than it is in the world of online gambling and even offline wagering. Someone who may last have visited a casino perhaps back in 2004, may not even recognize much of the technology employed in casinos today. Everything from the chip counter, to wagering and also the addition of new games, has changed the landscape drastically.
However, things are poised to change even more within the next three years according to experts. We are already seeing the induction of new terminals, screens and a whole lot more into the gambling industry. If anything, it gives us a glimpse into the future of gambling in general. But it also shows that offline or regular casinos are working hard to stay relevant in a world where people can gamble on their commute back from work by downloading an app.
Below we look at the top trends of the casino industry.

Shiny and Attractive New Sports Betting Terminals

The new sports betting terminals on the block come with private and personal 27-inch touch screens. Called the CrystalBetting Terminals by IGT, it enables gamblers to bet, watch live games and create their own parlays. Players can enjoy their betting experience in privacy wings, and the addition of partitions helps to improve confidentiality. There is a tabletop and a separate screen that can be used by patrons to order drinks, food, and notes, etc.
The terminals are currently operating at the Pearl River Resort, which is a casino in Choctaw, Mississippi. However, the developers of the technology say that it will soon head west to mainly Las Vegas before making its way to smaller casinos. If the machines are a hit, you can expect to see variations of them in just about every casino around the US and beyond.

Themed Gambling Machines

Now anyone who visits a casino knows that the most popular slots are ones that have television, movie, or video game themes. Gaming publisher, Konami has jumped into the gambling industry with the unveiling of their slot machine that’s themed after the company’s flagship video game franchise called Silent Hill. Silent Hill is a survival horror series that has made billions for the company over the years.
Now because it is based on a survival horror game, don’t expect these slots to be colorful like all the other ones. According to Konami, now was the right time to roll out casino games like themed slots that were different, and we’re inclined to agree.
Also, out of many of the new slot machines which are attracting people, it seems as though Star Trek: The Next Generation slots by Aristocrat is amongst the most popular. One reason for its popularity is the crisp 4K 43” screen and the fact that it features many of the sights and sounds from the series.

The Introduction of 4D screens

The “Wheel of Fortune” slot machine by IGT has been around for now over twenty years. Most people reading this have probably played the game a couple of times. However, there is a new model in town, and this time, it comes with a 4D screen that makes it seem as though the images are popping off the screen quite literally. But that’s not the only casino game getting the 4D treatment.
Carnival of Wonders, another game by IGT was also unveiled, and this one comes with a bonus spin storyline that takes 4D to a whole new level. It allows players to pick up a mallet and hit a lever in the so-called “Strength Tester” round to score points.
Every machine features a digital slide bar, which allows players to easily adjust the intensity of the screen. So, if you want to enjoy the game, the old fashion way if it pleases you!.


Whether it is online gaming, live poker, or the latest 4D screens, things in the casino industry are heating up to the point where keeping a close eye on them is becoming challenging. Even regular casino goers like us have a tough time keep up. However, we’d strongly advise that you expand your horizons and give these new games a shot, we are sure you won’t regret it.


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