El Paraiso Fishing Competition Saturday  21th September

Richard Wood gets the thumbs up
Richard Wood gets the thumbs up

This months competition had to be delayed for a week due to the horrendous storms that sweeped the whole of the Costa Blanca, the devestation it left to some of the low lying areas will take months if not years to recover from with people losing everything…..homes, cars, livestock and even family members.

Twelve anglers competed in this months competition with the bigger weights being landed on the higher numbers, you can never tell with this venue which bank is going to produce the best results it changes so much as the wind can change direction at any time.

The results for September is as follows,

  1. Richard Woods…… peg 14……11.26kgs
  2. Jackie Breslin……….peg13 ….10.38kgs
  3. Richard King………..peg6……….7.42kgs
  4. ………………….peg 12………6.90kgs.

The winners in our pairs competition were Richard King and Dave Sutton with a combined weight of 13.32 kgs closely folowed by Russell and Willy with 12.16kgs.

Pablo, one of the local anglers, has caught a carp weighing 20lbs photo on display at club, NOW its quite possible that this fish was caught by Dave Sutton during the competition but we never got the chance to weigh it in…..let me explain….after landing the fish after about a 15minute fight whilst Dave was in the process of transferring from landing net to keep net he slipped, landing net overturned and fish finished up squashing his keep net but before Dave could re-adjust himself with his landing net the fish had gone…..this definitely lost Dave 1st place overal.

But as they say “THATS FISHING”.

The October competition will be on Saturday 19th, drawing for pegs will be 9.00 fishing 10.00 to1.00  half hour for lunch then fishing 1.30 till 4.30.  Please note that this is a change of date.

Entry is 10€ with includes a snack lunch.

Tight Lines – Jackie Breslin


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