England Vs Australia Ashes Test – The Australian Side Of Things

Australia cricket pair of Steve Smith and Pat Cummins
Australia cricket pair of Steve Smith and Pat Cummins

And strike! England wins the final Ashes Test against Australia! Despite losing, Australia Captain, Tim Paine says it is some accomplishment. The tourists came face to face with England at the Oval. All they wanted was their first series victory since 2001. But things did not go as planned. Australia came up short on the scores, losing by 135 runs.

Australia aced the matches at Edgbaston and Old Trafford. Even after the humiliating defeat at Headingly, they kept up their desire of retaining the urn. Tim Paine shared the zeal. He came to England with the sole idea of returning home with the urn. But days after the final of Ashes Test, it is now clear that he will have to wait a little longer for this dream to come true.

Tim Paine revealed that he was thrilled and proud of his team, no doubt. But there’s still a little disappointment. He added, “We can be really proud of the way we’ve come over here, which is a challenging place for Australians to come and play and win.”

The Australians won two matches in the test tournament. If a third would have been possible, then the Ashes Test 2019 would have been in the bag! Paine also said that winning the first test at Edgbaston, where the team triumphed by 251 runs, had been a major boost in his confidence.

For those who don’t know, the first test was played on the 1st of August. We recall Mitch Marsh being the star of the show, with four for 35 runs. As for Jos Butler, the top scorer of the game, he had an unbeaten 64. The Australians won the first and third tests of the four-day match tournament, with a score of 263 runs!

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Steve Smith, on his end, enjoyed his time on the pitch. The former captain, who returned to play in June, after he was banned for ball tampering, received a standing ovation. He had given all he could in every test match. He scored 774 runs in just seven innings. For the last four and a half month he has been in the test, the finals were the only time he lacked something to give.

“I still feel I’ve got a little bit to give in that space, and we’re always trying to develop more leaders within our group as well.”

Smith is now thinking of a couple of weeks of rest when he gets to the Australian summer. Well, it’s surely some well-earned rest!


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