Buying contact lenses online? Keep these important points in mind

Buying contact lenses online? Keep these important points in mind
Buying contact lenses online? Keep these important points in mind

Purchasing contact lenses used to mean seeking out an ophthalmologist, visiting the waiting room, getting a prescription, then going to fill the prescription then and there — accepting all expenses that come with it unquestionably.

However, now you have smart, quicker and easier choices than the old traditional way of getting it at the outlet.

Whilst we still need an eye doctor to check on the health of our eyes and get the initial prescriptions, living in the digital age allows us to purchase contact lenses such as Hidrocor lenses from cheaper avenues online.


If you have wondered whether purchasing contact lenses online is safe or how you should go about it, then you’re at the right place.


So, before you look for contact lenses online and purchase from just anyone, it’s crucial to know a few things.

Why should you purchase contact lenses online?

Shouldn’t you always go to an ophthalmologist when you need something like contact lenses?

Not necessarily.

Whilst there are various reasons to see an eye doctor regularly, it doesn’t mean that you must drop in just to get a new supply of your Hidrocor Mel contact lenses.

Here are some obvious reasons to consider purchasing them online instead:

Convenience: Simply put, purchasing contact lenses online is very convenient.

Not only can you do it whilst ordering groceries online, but you’ll be able to avoid all the hassles of doing things the conventional way.

That means you can get the right contact lenses without feeling like you have to tackle through a hundred hoops. You can also avoid the dreaded talk of notifying your optometrist that you will be buying your lenses elsewhere.

Once you know your way around it, purchasing contacts online saves you time and energy.

All it takes is a few clicks and there’s no beating that. What’s more, the shipping may take just 3-4 days depending on whether the retailer is reliable and has the prescribed lenses in stock.

And to save more time there are various online retailers that send you a supply of contact lenses on a regular basis so you never have to worry about running out.

Along with the reduced time and effort put into getting contact lenses, coupons that you can find online help you save even more.

Couple these benefits together and you have a powerful case for purchasing your contacts online.

Why are contact lenses cheaper online?

It boils down to the simplicity in selling and reduced overheads.

Contact lenses purchased online will be cheaper because the process is much easier and there are lesser business costs.

There is no staff to accommodate you, no real estate, and no paying an ophthalmologist for their valuable time.

Online contact lens sellers have the advantage of just doing one thing (which is to sell the product) compared to the level of regulation and expertise required from your ophthalmologist’s office.

Also, to reduce the cost it takes to travel to the doctor’s clinic, most online sellers offer free shipping and coupons for additional savings.

All these factors make purchasing contact lenses online more accessible than going to your eye doctor.

But be warned, there are cheaper quality lenses of the same brand/manufacturer out there which offsets the lower price.

If you want to get the best deal for your money, we recommend searching for authorized contact lens retailers and considering the level of customer care offered by the online retailer you are buying from.

Don’t be fooled into buying from a lesser priced retailer that may not serve all your needs!


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