European Qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2020: how it works

European Qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2020: how it works
European Qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2020: how it works

The qualifying for UEFA EURO 2020 will remain largely the same (with 24 finalists in all), although the European Qualifiers started later than normal – the March after a major tournament instead of immediately in September (i.e. March 2019 rather than September 2018 in this case). There won’t be any team that will gain automatic qualification as hosts (there are 12 host nations in all).

Here is all the information that you need to know about European qualifiers and how to get your Energy casino promo code while the European qualifiers.

About Euro 2020

The Euro 2020 which will run from 12th June 2020 and end on 12th July 2020 will be different from past editions. Unlike other previous tournaments whereby there were only one or two host Nations, next year there will be a total of 12 host Nations.  When you took a look at the past two UEFA Euro editions in 2012, the event was hosted by Ukraine and Poland while in 2008 it was hosted by Switzerland and Austria. 

The upcoming tournament will be held across London, Glasgow, Rome, St Petersburg, Budapest, Munich, Bucharest, Dublin, Baku, Bilbao, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen. Unlike in the past whereby The Host country will automatically qualify for the euro competition, next year they will have to Battle it out with other countries. Every host country which will be eligible will play a minimum of two games at home. The opening match will be played in Olimpico Stadio in Rome.

How do the Euro qualifiers work?

The 55 competing countries have been placed in 10 qualifying groups of five and six teams. Each team will play away and home games against other teams in their groups. The top two teams in the group will automatically become the top twenty and qualify.   The qualifying games already began in late March, but they will end between November 17-19 this year. 

What is the role of the Nation’s lake in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying round?

The Nation’s League, which was played in 2018, split the 55 UEFA countries into four tiers; from A-D. The 16 Nation League teams who won their group matches have a place in the Euro 2020 if they fail to make it in the top two of their groups. However, if they do qualify in the Euro 2020, then the next best team in the Nations League tier will take up their spot. Each league will feature two semifinals, and one final and the winner will automatically qualify for the Euro 2020. For instance in League  A which consists of England, Portugal Switzerland and Netherlands they will contest for the Nations League finals in June. However, the results from the Nation League finals will not have any impact on the qualifying matches of the Euro 2020. Also, they will not take part in any Euro match in June. 

Doubleheaders for the qualifying matches will be on March, June, September, and November. The playoffs will take place on November 22, 2019.  Are you looking forward to the event as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below!


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