Wimbledon – stages of the tournament

Wimbledon - stages of the tournament
Wimbledon - stages of the tournament

Wimbledon is widely regarded as one of the most popular tennis tournaments, and with good reason. Sporting royal attendance and many of the world’s top tennis players on the roster, few tournaments could match The Championships. Tennis fans often have one question about Wimbledon and that is regarding how many rounds does a Grand Slam tournament in tennis, such as the Wimbledon, have. From the men’s and women’s singles to mixed doubles, what are the stages and how many players are a part of this prestigious event?

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The tournament is quite a large extravaganza. There are five main events that run over a two week period and usually takes place towards the end of June and the beginning of July.

The number of players (or teams, as per the doubles) are:

  • Gentlemen’s Singles (128)
  • Ladies’ Singles (128)
  • Gentlemen’s Doubles (64)
  • Ladies’ Doubles (64)
  • Mixed Doubles (48)
  • Singles: 1st Round to the Final

Both the men’s and women’s singles tournaments go through seven stages. The first stage, known as “rounds” in tennis, has a count of 128 players. After each match that is played, the number halves until the finals start. There are 128 players that compete in the men’s singles and women’s singles each. When you go to the next stage of the tournament, you then progress to the next level.

There are seven rounds in every Slam tournament, including the Wimbledon:

  • During The First Round, has 128 players (sixty-four matches)
  • Second Round, has 64 players (thirty-two matches)
  • Third Round, has 32 players (sixteen matches)
  • Fourth Round, has 16 players (eight matches)
  • Quarterfinals, has 8 players (four matches)
  • Semifinals, has 4 players (two matches)
  • The Final, contains the last two players in a match for the title

Both men’s singles and women’s singles have seven rounds and 128 players (32 seeds) at the beginning of the tournament.

There are obviously only two players remaining by the final. Because both the men’s and women’s singles both include 128 players, making it a total of 256 players that take part in the singles tournaments held at Wimbledon.

The winner of the men’s singles or women’s singles tournament needs to win six matches to make it from the 1st stage to the final.

Men’s and Women’s Doubles: 64 Teams

The men’s doubles and women’s doubles have 64 teams (16 seeds) each. Because there are two players in each team and 64 teams in each tournament, that means that there is a total of 256 people that take part in the men’s and women’s doubles tournament at Wimbledon. The rounds have one less stage: so basically (1st, 2nd, 3rd, QFs, SFs and F).

Mixed Doubles: 48 Teams

The mixed doubles only have 48 teams per tournament. Because of the usual number of teams, a few of the participants are on bye during the earlier rounds of the tournament. This means that because there are 48 teams each containing two players in them, the mixed doubles has a total of 96 players per tournament. Mixed Doubles has only 48pairs, so there are two fewer rounds compared to Singles (1st, 2nd, QFs, SFs and F).

It’s quite a hefty number to take looking at the total number of people that take part in The Championships. It is also important to remember though that many of the players also take part in several of the events for example, a player may take part in both men’s and mixed doubles.

There are also other games at Wimbledon that involves juniors, seniors and wheelchair players.


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