How Tech Is Boosting the Summer Music Scene


During the summer, music forms a vital part of most people’s lives. From massive festivals with top recording artists to road trip playlists and traveling to top hotspots with popular nightclubs, music is key at this festive time of the year. However, the intersection of music with innovative technology is creating some hot trends that are pushing the bar high for innovation while driving the bottom line in business.

According to international DJ Shoebox Moses, the trends merging music and tech are expanding at a very high rate. That reflects a deeper commitment by nightclub titans and music producers to the experiential by providing multi-sensory elements through auditory, visual, and kinesthetic mediums. Moses has headlined international festivals such as the Global Dance Fest and A-Fest in Ibiza.

A great example of such elements, as explained by Moses is Infrasound, a hot sound technology that commands the attendee’s attention. This pure, clean sound uses unequaled frequency application that raises the crowd to musical ecstasies just like Bitstarz bonus code 2019 raises online casino enthusiasts.

Great attention is also seen in visual additions to the summer outdoor music scene. Artists have been invited to submit interactive and visual installation art as part of the immersive experience. That will transform mile high stadium grounds in Denver, Colorado.

For visual appeal, festivals are moving a step ahead to partner with brands. A good example is seen when Corona Extra blended an upgraded architectural design with enhanced audio-responsive graphic cables that enhanced both tone and volume. That produced an immersive and enjoyable music experience to the festival attendees.

Tech is also being employed in permanent music-related venues. The Grid is a great example of such technology, recently installed at the Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas. This multi-million dollar kinetic light installation comprises of 57, four-foot triangles connected through 169 winches mounted in the ceiling. It’s a 12,000-pound color-mixing and pixel-mapping technology that allows patterns and images to flow seamlessly in all the triangles.

The grid tech is aimed at transforming the nightclub’s space through various shapes and heights it can take at any moment. These triangles in a grid are custom designed and 3D-printed with premium material. Its color-mixing and grid pixel-mapping technologies make it allow fully-customized patterns and images to flow either individually or collectively through the triangles at any particular moment.

This unique system has a custom software solution that controls its constant reshaping and recoloring to offer glaring effects to nightclub customers. It’s a mega project that took nine months and 5000 hours to complete and has greatly changed the dynamic of the room throughout the night in Hakkasan. It will be fully incorporated into the venue’s star-studded club in the 2019 Vegas residency performances.


With different technologies being rendered nearly obsolete over the last few years, it’s hard to tell what seduces festival goers and nightclub enthusiasts in the long-term. For now, technologies such as the Grid shows a huge commitment from club owners to keep the clubs fresh and exciting for fans.


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