Free and Unique Apps for Android Users


2019 seems to be working out to being one of the best years for brilliant Android apps and just like last month June has some really interesting ones to try – from a smart gallery apps to a new cool screenshot app, it seems June has them all.

Firstly, let’s take a look at Firefox Screenshotgo Beta – this is perfect if you are taking a lot of screenshots because inevitably the important ones get buried in the mass – what Firefox ScreenshotGo does is trawl all of the shots on your phone and makes in index of the text of your images making it very easy to search and find –just open the app up and search the text on the search bar – simples!

One of the most frequently opened apps on our phones is the gallery app. The Curator gallery app make media content easy to explore whether that is search for a screenshot or one of your photos. This app also solves the problem of the Tag Search (most gallery apps don’t have one) by tagging all of your photos by the photo’s composition – whether that is city shots or shots of flowers this third tab alongside the usual ones help Curator to stand out from the rest.

Another great app for the photo takers is Lens Distortion which brings you a wide siltation of effects like glass effects and sun rays, fog and so on opposed to the punchy colours or underexposed skies we are used to. Lens Distortion has a large library to choose from and is well worth exploring.

Another interesting app that is now available for Android is the Tor Browser which is now stable allowing you to browse the web privately and in total safety.

There is no doubt that many of us are concerned about identity fraud especially when we spend money on goods and services. For example, if we were to spend some time playing at a PayPal accepting casino then we would enjoy our time there knowing that our personal details are safe and secure, using the Tor Browser would be like putting in an extra line of defence – which is always a good thing.