BBQ Cops on Patrol

BBQ Cops on Patrol
BBQ Cops on Patrol

Whilst out performing their routine tasks of ensuring humans don´t destroy the planet, rural police patrols are also in the process of checking seals on public, outdoor barbeques.

Although these barbies are erected in countless public parks and areas, it is now forbidden to use them because of the heightened risk of fire.

The fire precaution period will be in place until at least October, possibly longer depending on the weather, which prohibits the lighting of fires in public places, including those used for agricultural waste.

It is calculated that more than 80% of all forest fires are caused by accidental human intervention, often by carelessness, such as discarding cigarettes or, as is the case with this sort of cooker, the incorrect disposal of barbeque coals, which remain hot for some considerable time after use.

Fire fighters are always stretched beyond their means during the summer period and so anything that can prevent the onset of fire should be considered as a natural instinct.


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