New Tactics Used By News Sites to Gather More Readers

New Tactics Used By News Sites to Gather More Readers
New Tactics Used By News Sites to Gather More Readers

In every country or location, news sites are flooding. Same target population, hundreds of news sites for people to read from and the funny thing is that all news is the same. Many news sites owners have had a hard time harnessing readers or followers since most of the people are always confused not knowing where to read. News sites have now adopted new features or practices to buy trust from the audience and make people loyal readers. Below are some of the techniques used by news sites to make sure readers are glued to their sites.

Use of More Specific Language

Using indirect language has been associated with time wastage. On the heading, it is now better to write, ‘’10 people killed in a bomb blast’’ than to say, ‘several people killed’’. The later is not too specific and the readers may ignore because they assume, they will have to read a lot of paragraphs before they know what is happening. Let news be specific, up to the point and avoid lengthy unnecessary introductions. A lot of unnecessary stories on the best news apps could lead to many people leaving your site since most of them will think like you have no news.

Indicate How Many People Have Read the News

The more people read the news, the more credible and trustworthy it becomes. Indicate how many people viewed your news so that people understand they are not alone. Most top sites like Reuters indicate how many people have shared their stories to the Facebook, tweeter or other social media sites. Such sites have done well because they want to let readers know that a large number of people trust their site so they can always be trusted. Once you buy people’s trust, you will find your news sites having a tremendous number of visits.

Breaking Stories into Several Sections

Long and continuous stories are always daunting to read and they look too thick for one to concentrate on reading them. Breaking down the stories will make them simple, short and appealing to read. Writers always find it hard to create subtopics in between articles or stories and this has made a lot of news sites to lose lots of readers. Nowadays news sites are always breaking down stories and you will find some headings placed beside the story itself so as to enable readers to know the subtopics under discussion.

Image from the Scene

People want more credible stories, stories that are a reality so that they read something real and appealing.  A picture from the scene indicates your stories are credible and can be relied upon since they contain the relevant and true information. Include wonderful HD pictures that will give your readers a full overview of how the scene was like around the place where news occurred. Remember you are competing with sites that offer even videos of the places so you need to show your readers what exactly happened.

Write nicely and with a lot of Expertise

If you are reporting or writing news on a niche that you are not an expert on, make research so that you get facts right. Writing the wrong facts could cost you a lot of readers because most of them will find other credible sources. You can hire experts on the various fields to write  for you. For example, the field of engineering is always technical so you need someone who is trained in that sector to write for you.


Learn how to attract more readers so that your stories are not left without sufficient readers. Post your stories to social sites and also let people be able to share your stories from your news sites. Sites such as 116610lv have made wonderful improvements because of the kind of content they write.


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