Ciudadanos say that “It’s time for a centre government”

Ciudadanos say that “It's time for a centre government”
Ciudadanos say that “It's time for a centre government”

José Aix, the mayoral candidate for Ciudadanos in Orihuela, got his electoral campaign underway at the Party Headquarters last week using the campaign image and slogan ¡Vamos Orihuela, “It’s time for a centre government, a moderate government, a government headed by Ciudadanos.”

Aix said that “for two years our councillors have managed Culture, Youth, Beaches and Infrastructure, demonstrating our abilities to govern, and we have been influential in making the local administration work, proving that we know what the people want, and today, we present our electoral candidates, where the experience of Luisa Boné and Mar Ezcurra will be combined with many other candidates who all  have an active presence in many different sectors of the Orihuela society, that will allow us to better run the Orihuela government and ensure that the manifesto that we have prepared for the next four years will provide a far better future for the whole municipality. ”

Juan Ignacio López-Bas, the Ciudadanos member of the National Congress of Deputies, and still the deputy mayor of Orihuela, attended the launch in support of José Aix and his team. He said that by voting for Ciudadanos Orihuela the people will be supporting the very best team with the very best vision for the future.

“We have been able to do so many things in just two years with only three councillors. With José Aix as mayor of Orihuela, and with more Ciudadanos councillors, the municipality can have a far better future in which many more policies can be carried out across the entire constituency,” he said.