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Good News for Playa Flamenca Walking Football
Good News for Playa Flamenca Walking Football

A squad of 11 players from C F Rojales (Walking Football) recently played a home fixture against E N Naranja F C. As usual, the match was played over 4 quarters of 15 minutes duration.

A very well coached and organised E N Naranja were well on top for the first 2 quarters, leading by 3-1 at the half way stage, with C F Rojales´goal being scored by Darren Hough. After some minor adjustments for C F Rojales, both in personnel and positioning, the home team came back into the match and took the game to their opponents.

Goals in each of the last two quarters from Darren Hough, Manfred Doerge and a penalty from Geoff Ellison put C F Rojales into lead. The game was finished off when Colin Lewis put the ball away to make the final score C F Rojales 5, E N Naranja F C 3.The match was played in a good spirit and was well refereed by Matt Naughton.

C F Rojales play every Tuesday morning at 11.00, and anyone interested in having a go should contact Pat Stephens on 654049388, or email


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