How Gamification May Change The Online Casino Industry


Gamification is a relatively new term in vocabulary. It can be used in all segments of business and education. Providers who use gamification take certain activity and enrich it with game elements.

Gamification in the casino industry is hard to understand but it can lead to serious rewards. When you play at online casinos, gamification refers to the whole gaming process and players can be awarded for different activities. They can receive prizes for liking casino on a social platform or if they install a certain app on the smartphone.

Gamification Benefits

Players wonder how to earn from the whole gamification activity. The answer is simple. Players can benefit from various awards and receive more winning chances. They can earn free spins, reward points, loyalty prizes and more. Customers are awarded for every activity they perform.

However, players will not receive the prize instantly but they should wait a certain time. Meanwhile, players should meet some conditions over a certain period of time. For instance, players can be asked to log in the casino account for a number of times before they can receive a bonus.

Gamification In Online Gambling

Gambling industry passed through drastic changes over the previous years. In this period we could see some emerging trends like tablets and smartphones introduction. Players who possess such devices have better accessibility to casino games and new casino sites.

Moreover, new casino platforms emerge on a regular basis and offer something completely new. Each provider wants to stand out with a completely innovative offer which will draw broader attention. Apart from bringing casino players to their sites, casino holders want to keep them interested.

Casino operators look for ways to attract more gamblers. However, there is no single way to make it happen. Casinos cannot rely only on famous games and favorable payout rates. Customers want more and gamification can significantly contribute. Up to date, numerous casino providers already used gamification successfully.

Gamification gathers more unique users and enables interaction among players. Gamification purpose is to enthrall players and provide them with a great experience. As a result, players will be encouraged and motivated to come back for more fun. This is a profitable opportunity for both players and operators as well as a possibility for long-term connection of two sides.

What is the integration of gamification?

An online casino which introduces gamification aims to attract and retain customers. Some sites take advantage of bonus or referral awards and draw more users. These perks are always connected with strict terms and conditions. In some cases, they are not enough encouraging to return gamers at the website.

Other motivating elements are loyalty points. The casino which introduces loyalty rewards usually grants some points to players and motivate them to come back. With loyalty awards, players can earn rewarding bonuses, special offers, badges, and additional cash. There are several tiers with specific benefits. These benefits motivate players to continue with the same activity and invest more money.

Some gaming platforms feature goals and set specific targets. In order to meet targets, players should visit the casino frequently. As much as they play, there are more chances for higher level and better awards. The goals represent certain leaderboards which motivate players to check their status on a regular basis. As a result, they come back more often to improve their rank.

Social networks attract more and more players from all over the world. Gamification takes advantage of social networking and motivates players to refer to friends. Customers share their status and rank on the leading social platforms. For these activities, casinos give players some prizes like special bonuses and additional loyalty points.

How gamification affects psychology?

Gamification is related to psychology elements. Online casinos which take advantage of rewards programs have a larger number of players.

They also have more loyal customers who are motivated to come back to the site. In addition, these providers include more dynamic elements in the gaming adventure which is positive for users. Now they can continue playing and hope to have more success.

As you can conclude, gamification is all about setting the goals and tracking progress at online casinos. Casinos are ready to reward players with regular incentives which is the key point of the process.

Players don’t just play – they compete with other gamers, take part in tournaments, receive special ranks and exclusive bonuses. The most deserving players become part of the VIP casino group and profit on a long term basis.