Pedro Dominguez and Beatriz Lara work for the Spanish Red Cross and the Casa Verde Foundation respectively and over many years they have both been absolutely invaluable in co-ordinating the works of local expat charities with those of their own.

Pedro, from Cruz Roja in Alicante, has a specific responsibility for expats and their needs and over the last 4 or 5 years he has helped to improve the lives of many hundreds of veterans and their dependants on the Costa Blanca.

He is an English speaker and will help those who are in need to obtain pendant alarms throughout the whole of Spain as he will also provide assistance and help with energy and food poverty.

Contact him via Phone or Email: Telephone 678501586

Beatriz Lara is from the Casa Verde Foundation on the Costa Blanca. She too is a social worker who has helped veterans and their dependants in numerous ways by assisting in training new and existing caseworkers as she guides them through the minefield that is the Spanish health care and Social Services system. Lara has also helped personally by providing specialist help, advice and action to support individual beneficiaries.

In gratitude for their efforts, particularly with the welfare teams and members of The Royal British Legion, the pair were recently presented with well-deserved Certificates of Appreciation by Don Cubbon, the Chairman of Spain North, in front of the whole of the District Committee.


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