Be aware in order to prevent crime

Be aware in order to prevent crime
Be aware in order to prevent crime

Two policemen from the Guardia Civil in Torre de la Horadada, Sgt Nino Moreno and Officer Manuel Muiño, were at Playa Flamenca Town Hall on Wednesday where they presented a 45 minute lecture on Crime Prevention.

In front of 50 or so local residents Officer Muiño said that simply being aware of ones surroundings can reduce or eliminate the potential of becoming a victim of a crime. He said that for the most part local crime tends to be aimed at foreigners as they are often not aware of the system and they are usually more attractive targets financially.

He emphasised, however, that there was no specific threat at this time and the talks were given purely in order to raise awareness amongst the public.

Covering such areas as talking to strangers who might stop you in the street, hugging, awareness at cash machines, travel and internet crimes, the officer said that people should always be on their guard and, if possible, generally try to be accompanied by a friend.

He added that the very best defence against crime is common sense and awareness, however in the case of ever needing assistance from the Guardia Civil the emergency number to call is 112. Further help is available from the Guardia Civil Office in the Town Hall which is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 2pm.

A similar talk was held earlier in the week in El Centro de Ocio para Mayores in Pilar de la Horadada.


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