Orihuela Deputy Mayor, López-Bas, nominated for Congress

Orihuela Deputy Mayor, López-Bas, nominated for Congress
Orihuela Deputy Mayor, López-Bas, nominated for Congress

Orihuela’s Deputy Mayor, and leader of Ciudadanos, Juan Ignacio López-Bas, will be his party’s number two on the Alicante list to the Spanish Parliament, the Congress of Deputies, in the General Elections to be held on 28 April.

López-Bas reinforces the Citizens list which is headed by the current deputy Marta Martin. The number three will be Pepe Cano, a current deputy, who drops from number two.

López Bas (Orihuela, 1969) joined the Orihuela council in 2011 as a member of the CLR-Claro party. In the municipal elections of 2015, he had moved across to Ciudadanos , the party that now nominates him in the second place for the Congress of Deputies.

Having obtained a Law degree from the University of Murcia, he was practicing lawyer with his own office since 1994. Currently, however, López-Bas makes up one-third the Ciudadanos team in Orihuela, along with the other two councillors Luisa Boné and Mar Ezcurra.

Alicante’s list to the Congress will combine more political experience with the ex-councillor of Alicante and former member of the PP, Adrián Santos, who is number four.

Santos is currently part of the local Cs management in the capital.

At the last General Election, Ciudadanos won two seats in the province, Marta Martín and Pepe Cano, the same as the PSOE, while the coalition between Podemos and Compromis achieved three seats. The PP, meanwhile, managed five deputies.


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