Franco to be moved from Valley of the Fallen

Franco to be moved from Valley of the Fallen
Franco to be moved from Valley of the Fallen

One of the first government measures approved by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, shortly after he came to power last year, the exhumation of the body of the former Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco, has now been approved by the Spanish Government.

However the move could still be blocked following a request by Franco’s family to suspend the exhumation. Many of his relatives strongly oppose the move and are filing legal challenges to either delay the exhumation or to stop it all together.

However, should the disinterment go ahead it will take place on 10 June when the body of the former dictator will be moved to the state owned El Pardo cemetery where the family will be allowed to conduct a private service.

Attempts to move the late dictator from a site that is a major tourist destination has become a tug-of-war between the government and the Franco family but with the family running out of options it looks as though the most recent government decision is now likely to be carried out.


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