Rojales, a melting pot of cultures

Rojales, a melting pot of cultures
Rojales, a melting pot of cultures

The municipal register in Rojales currently stands at 17,649 residents, of which 35% are from the United Kingdom.

According to the figures compiled by the town hall about 12300 are immigrants from other countries, 7 out of 10 come from overseas while the other three come from Spain.

This means that the municipality, which currently has residents belonging to 85 different nationalities, is one of the towns in Spain with the highest percentage of foreign residents, a great melting pot of cultures where the inhabitants coexist perfectly integrated in life daily of the town.

Most inhabitants come from the United Kingdom, with more than 35%, followed by Spaniards, which are around 30%, while Norwegian and German residents make up approximately 4.4%.

In recent years Rojales has continued to increase the number of its Spanish classes, provided totally free of charge, to attract citizens who do not speak the language. The town has also created a  program of language exchanges, which allows different nationalities to get to know each other and have the opportunity to practice the languages ​​that interest them, while promoting coexistence and integration.


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